Help with new DIV and torch on/off cable

I need to replace my DIV input and torch on/off cables. i dont see anywhere to buy them. i can make my own but not sure how to wire. Does anyone know which (inner or outer) is positive on the DC barrel connector for the DIV input? Does the polarity of torch on/off matter? will be wiring into plasma cutter cnc port. thanks for any tips

@weejax i dont know the polarity of the barrel plug. i do know that my interpretation of the cnc port pin out was opposite of what the thc voltage box was looking for. initially when i wired my cnc plug thc would not work for me. it was only a reversed polarity issue. it was a tremendous pain soldering to the cnc plug so i simply switched the wires at the box. i do not think polarity matters in regards to the torch on off signal.

You can get the CPC cable from LS. The one for Hypertherm is in the Store. They used to have the Razorweld in there, but don’t see it now. If you have Razorweld email LS and they will hook you up.

If you want to make your own here is the pinout for the Razorweld CPC that has the barrel plug polarities.


thats exactly what i need. will just make my own. thanks a million!

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