Help With Dialing in Cross Fire Pro

When Doing a Dry Run my cross fire pro does not go to the right spot to cut that shows up on my lab top… Is this normal?? My impression was the machine moves to the cut position, then mirrors fire control …

I Did Zero in the Axes in the conner point… it seems the robot does not get the code to move properly…

You set your zero did you set your point of origin?


In your CAM program, you chose an origin point for the drawing. Most people set that at the lower left corner of the drawing. When you zero all axis on the table, that zero point is the origin point on your drawing. If you want the part to cut at a different spot, jog the torch to that spot and hit “zero all axis” in that spot.


Yes…Set point of origin

Yes, I’m using sheet cam…

The Odd thing is, When Running my Break End Program, The Axes Did not Move the Full Length of the table… It only move 1/2 of the table…

Did you run the right break in program? The Pro uses a different break in than the standard Crossfire.

I think you’re still not understanding how to locate your cuts on the table. You don’t do that in Sheetcam. You move the Torch to the spot where you want your origin located and hit “zero all axis” there. Firecontrol will put your drawing wherever your torch is zeroed.

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Yes I did the Zero all Axis IN Fire share…
But I will look into running the right break in program for the cross fire pro! I hope this is it!

The break in won’t have anything to do with your problem. Can you video or do a step by step description from load a program into fire control til hitting the start button.

The break in program doesn’t do anything but confirm that the table moves without binding. I never ran it on my table.

What is the actual issue, aside from not knowing how to place your cuts on the sheet of metal?


doing a dry run, the torch is not lining up in the area (( or near the right spot))

doesn’t go to one end of the table… will take a Video… when i’m at the shop… Thanks again for y’alls time! <3

A video will probably help us understand the problem.

I’m not a YouTube guy, but I made this video to help some other users understand how to locate cuts on the table.


best thing for me to do is make a video, for you to see!!! thanks again,!!

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Your drawing origin point is in the lower right corner. Those white cross hairs on the computer screen are where Firecontrol thinks the torch is located in relation to your drawing. You have the torch zeroed at the lower left corner of the table, but the origin of your program is at the lower right corner. As far as Firecontrol is concerned, your program is off the table to the left.

You can fix this in two ways. The first being to use the “set program origin” function in Firecontrol. Click the “set program origin” button and five green squares will appear on the drawing. One in each of the four corners and one in the center. To get the movement you are expecting, click on the box in the lower left corner to set that as the origin. With that as the origin, Firecontrol will know that the spot where the torch is zeroed is the lower left corner of the program.

The correct way to fix this is to use the lower left corner of the drawing as the origin point in your CAM program. In Sheetcam, that is set in the “machine options” under “working envelope” and “table display”.


My cad was dialed in… New Issue…
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Your power supply is probably shot. You will need to open a ticket with Langmuir.

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yup Erik seems right on this one…if the lights are on…but no fan on power supply it is fried…

Once you get your power supply issues fixed, move the circled dot to the spot the arrow is pointing to.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day. :wink:

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Actually that’s only true of a stopped clock. If it’s broken in another way, say by running slow, it may never be right :slightly_smiling_face: