Help with cutting 1/4” steel

I’m trying to cut a drain cover plate out of 1/4” steel. I followed the cut chart and it didn’t even pierce the metal. Picture attached.

.06 shim
600ms pierce delay
48 ipm
.061 kerf

Back side

Front side

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This stuff ain’t cheap.


What plasma machine are you using? How many amps? Air pressure? was the table grounded, or the work piece?

Sorry about that;

Hypertherm 45xp
Grounded to the piece

Regulated by the machine.

Looks like your consumables need changing based on the way you went through in some places and not others. With my Miller I would use a 1000-1200 ms pierce and 60 ipm @40 amps, travel and boost it up or slow it down as it cuts in Mach 3.
Are the cuts that went through on a angle or are they streight?
You have the best cutter there, I know 1/4" is exspencive to mess up.


Yeah I would try new consumables.

When I did the first cut I was using fine cut consumables. I’m sure that didn’t help. Haven’t tried with the normal stuff yet.

Fine cut consumables are only rated to 10ga in the hypertherm book. Put the regular consumables in and it will cut it like a hot knife through butter.

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Yeah think you need regular consumables.

That’s the problem with not using the table in over a month. It’s like riding a bicycle. lol.

I’m gonna give it a whirl today and see how it does. Should’ve listened to my inner self and posted on here first. No comments from you guys. :slight_smile:


I know that you will get it, have fun and get back to making stuff. Have a great weekend Gunny.

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I AM AN IDIOT. Measure twice, cut once!!!

It was NOT 1/4” - it ‘twas 3/8” !!!



Finally got it cut and figured out.


This is what happens when you’re gone too long.

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Lol, you go Gunny!

Glad you figured it out.

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What fun is that, I usually measure once, cut twice then find out the thing is still too short, Haha glad you found it Gunny


Just went through the same bull shit😵‍💫