Help with cuts leaving uncut spots

Super frustrated with my cuts not cutting the letters out al! l the way. It leaves a tiny uncut spot on some letters. For example, if I cut out a circle it doesn’t finish the circle. It will go 90% then finish there. I have the full version of Mach and using fusion360. Fusion shows the whole circle and letters cutting on the simulation. Thanks I’m using a longevity 40d with .8 nozzle, pierce i have tried .3-.5. Kerf .55 and .6. 80-150 ipm I’ve tried. 16 gauge at 25-30 amps.

This might be the pierce delay issue with mach3. Search for it, there’s been a lot of info recently on the forums.

Basically it’s a bug and the workaround is to set mach3 the interpret pierce delay as miliseconds. Then if you want 1/2 a second delay set it for 500 instead of 0.5

I have the exact same thing going on right now.
@Jamesdhatch sent me some links to plugins but life got in the way this weekend and I have not installed them yet, I am confident we will get it out soon enough.

Did you try the millisecond vs seconds fix for the Mach 3 bug? I’m not sure that will fix this since it’s stopped cutting in the middle of the petals vs skipping things entirely (unless it’s cutting the other direction - but I don’t see the tracks that an arc starting as it moved should display). But I don’t see the lead-in cuts I expect.

I was teaching class today so didn’t get a chance to dig into the file and G-Code but will do it tomorrow since it’s supposed to rain :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya man, more rain, I will be at the range all day, 8-8 rain or shine. If your around stop and pick up that cat for your wife and bring a sample of that FX if you would.

@EpicMetals, jamesdhatch came by today and figured out that my problem WAS caused by changing the pierce point in post production to .5 like they say in the video. Leave it set tio 1 sec and it cuts great! It must be the millisecond bug they talk about with fusion.

Good luck man, hope it fixes your machine too.

It looks like the bug may only impact it when using Windows 10. I use Windows 7 on my MacAir I converted to Mach driver and a half second (not 500ms) works fine.

For @ctgolfer it looked like it wasn’t closing the loops. But when I watched a simple part cut I saw the cut wasn’t starting where it should have but it was stopping in the right place. It actually looked like a stutter when starting.

Ok, this makes total sense now. I had been using win8 for the first few cuts and it worked fine then I changed to win10 with a different computer and started having this issue now that I think about it. I haven’t had a chance to work on it this week due to Father’s Day, but I will be trying tomorrow. Will post updates.

Thanks for all the help!

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Ok I was finally able to test this again by changing the pierce to millimeters. I changed mach to milli and post process to 500 pierce delay and works perfectly.

THanks everyone!

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That looks like confirmation that it’s a Windows 10/Mach 3 bug.

Windows 7 and 8 don’t have that problem.