Help With Cut Quality

Hey Guys,

Any one have this problem?
Razor cut 45
35 amps
40 ipm
1/4 steel
Changed tips and no improvement
I am as square as I can get it and holder is square with gantry
lots of dros on two sides.
x axis is better then Y

Are you using the tips that came with your plasma cutter or are you using different tips? And if so, what size?

If you fire the torch with it lifted up away from the material can you see if the arc is coming out of the tip at an angle? Another user had this same issue.

I’m using what came with machine. I have no idea what size they are.

The arc looks straight when I fire torch off machine. When it’s cutting on the y axis you can see the arc is not coming straight out of torch.

Do you have a picture of the consumables on the torch?

I will take one in morning when I get to shop. The one I changed looked like one side of hole was gouged

You probably need a bigger tip. I believe .8 is what comes with the machine. A lot of user have had much better luck with 1.0mm tips. Here is a good reference

That’s what I’m thinking @oneupperformance. As soon as the torch fires its blowing up the tip.

When you put the new consumables in and cut the first part do you see what looks like a copper splash on the drop right where the torch first fires? Best noticed if you cut something and the cut starts on the material that stays on the table and doesn’t fall into water table.

When I put in new consumables it seemed to enter fine. It cut holes first then outside. Holes did fall into water. but I first noticed this problem cutting 3/8 before water table was installed. I am going to try machine manually with the guide and I might try to put my cut master 52 on and see if it cuts straight. Pic is of 3/8 without water table. I could not get a clear pic of tips.

Cut doesn’t look to bad besides the bevel on either side. Does the face we are looking at have a bevel also?

You are correct the cut is great aside from the bevel. I have square cuts on the X axis and beveled on the Y. I tried to compensate by moving torch in holder but if I twist torch the straight edges on mount bring it straight. This is the other side view.

Check your consumables. Thinking the hole is an oval instead of a circle.

Just changed them before cutting 1/4 piece.

The arc is coming out of torch crooked.

You are blowing the tips. Too much amperage for the tip size.

Turn your amperage down. Put in new consumables. Reduce you cut speed and see if that helps

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I was cutting 35 amps at 40 ipm. Got the numbers from chart posted to this form. (which seem to be right on) The razor cut did not come with any info on tip size, amperage or feed rates.

I have a cutmaster 51 and that thing is not fussy with tip size and amperage. We have it on max amperage with 75 psi . I have no problems cutting 16 ga. to 3/8 with never changing tip sizes. I really only need to change tips after trying to cut rusty junk of trucks and trying to get it into spots I should not be getting into.

The piece of 1/4 in picture was the first 8" on new tips. Maybe someone @langmuirsystems could chime in?

Is there a size listed on the cup part of the consumables?

I know they give you amperage range on tip sizes but they assumes all other components are perfect. I usually max my tips out at 90% of recommended cutting amperage. So if you have a .8 tip rated for 35 amps I would on run 30-31 amps max. I have 1.0 tips on my machine and run them at 40 amps max and I can get what feels like miles of cutting before any problems arise.

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The righting was to light for me to read even when new. I would think and I must be wrong but should a 45 amp plasma cutter come with at least one set of tips to cut at 45 amps?

You would think. Lol. Could be a mix up while packaging. Wouldn’t be the first time for me. If your plasma arc is in any other direction then straight out of the tip your consumables are toast.

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yea they don’t look to good. With I got more then 1" of weld before they went.