Help with converting file to cut ready DXF

Can anyone help with converting this to a DXF? If knew how to make the entire picture black instead of gray, trace to bitmap would work fine but the crown is making it hard.

I am trying to do this in inkscape.

Grab a copy of Gimp. You can then change it to pure b&w and Inkscape will do a trace. You’re going to need to do some node editing in Inkscape to handle that guy floating in the name though.


I believe you can mess with the threshold levels in the bit map tracing options as well to achieve that.

Why not just trace the crown yourself? It’s pretty simple.

Okay I will download Gimp. Thanks for all the advice and help guys. James has been super helpful since day one for me. I have gotten really good at editing nodes… Just cant get it to trace to bitmap with those colors.

Converted this to dxf and started bridging… see if this helps.FordDynasty.dxf (1.1 MB)