Help with best way to fix the font?

I have tried everything i can think of to fix the messy font in this logo. In inkscape I tried tracing it, adjusting the nodes. I tried to take out and replace the font but cant get it the right size or shape on the motor cycle area.
It looks fine small but i want to cut it about 20x15 and when blown up the font has so much wrong with it. any sugestions? thanks joe

I searched " harley dividson svg" in google, found this.


this should help out your process.


This is a pretty decent thread that goes through a few different design programs on how to stencil text.

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Thanks, I will bring this on into Inkscape and see how it looks. Before I “trace bitmap” they have looked great. But after that when blown up they look like crap! Not sure why.

I have a Harley font but I’m having trouble sizing it to fit and adjusting the “motor cycle” to also fit the angles.

I file I posted

No bit map tracing needed.

It’s already the file you want.

It is an SVG.

Or just download it through the link here.


Oh crap maybe that is the issue as to why the font looks bad?

I don’t understand this comment. As @TinWhisperer points out, the link he provided will return an svg file. The file already has all the vector lines you need to cut this. It’s not a stencil font, but it will cut. All you need to do are two things:

  1. The file is a group of several different objects. You need to ungroup and convert the resulting objects to path.
  2. Once everything is a path, then you need to follow the guidelines @TinWhisperer gave you for adding stencil lines.
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Here is a couple files from file share too.

these first link is using that main logo too and its been stenciled .

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inkscape’s “trace to bitmap” is a trace…not an exact copy…I have taken even the most basic shapes and traced them and still have adjust and play with the nodes…it will never come out perfect.

that it is wise to often go to etsy and pay for someone else’s work if you do not want to spend the time doing the clean up.
I traced this but still spent about 5 hours refining the lines…


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hey tom what I should have said was the Harley sign was already an SVG so I should not have done trace bitmap on it. Learned another important step!!

I’ll remember to ungroup too! thank you.

So much to learn!!

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WOW! thank you so much! all you guys are so helpful!!! Cheers!

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Hey Glen, looks just like my ultra I had!!!
I did see some on Etsy but I was not sure what I was going to get, or I should sayI didnt really know what I needed! I noticed that some people on some of the Etsy products mentioned that they could not use them for plasma!! I’m not sure what they meant.

Two less things to learn now :slight_smile:

Just keep chipping away :+1:


I have bought off Etsy before…sometimes you het a great SVG…other times…you spend the monet then spand as much time cleaning it up…but most times I just copy it and then trace to bitmap in Inkscpae and then spend a little time cleaning up the work

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I (as in my wife) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: finally got the harley sign out of Fusion and the thing cut!!! i’ll be painting it tomorrow and post it!!!

now her question is why did an inkscape DFX that was about 10x15 turn into 278x400 INCHES???

fusion is super hard to do art in and thought inkscape would be easier!

Because DXF doesn’t have to have embedded units. So it was imported as metric. You can specify the scaling when doing the import. Otherwise, just scale by 25.4 if it comes in extremely large.


Or 0.03937 as appropriate…

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I would suggest that if you are using Inkscape save in SVG.

if you are designing in Inkscape do yourself a favor and buy Sheetcam…it is easier to work with then Fusion to post process