Help wiring powermax 45 to lagmire table with cpc?

Can anyone help us understand how to wire our hypertherm powermax 45 xp with machine torch to the lagmire table? We did get the cpc port with our hypertherm powermax 45 xp and purchased the cable from lagmire and thought it should just be plug and play from there but it appears there is something else we need to do. Please help.

If you bought the 45xp with the cpc port, and bought Langmuirs plug and play cable, then you just plug it in. You’re going to have to send us pictures of what’s confusing you, or just re read the directions.

Thank you, yes we followed the directions and got confused when it told us in the section of “with cnc” to splice the wires but then figured out we didn’t need to do that since we bought the extra cable. Thank you again for your response and help. We did finally figure out that we just needed to skip that step.

I’m where you were with the Hypertherm cable and confused. The cable has two leads. One is much shorter than the other. I assume one will plug into the VIM module, but which one?