Help Wanted - Cut Quality [SOLVED]


Looking for some help in regards to cut quality. Very new to the table as well as cutting. I’ve got my cut speeds for thicker material down but I’m struggling with 16G at the moment. I have cut multiple test pieces with varying speeds and seem to be having the same result. I’m sure I’m way off on some settings. Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 39, 30A, 65psi cutting pressure, .060" cut height, 130ipm (which is probably way too slow?) are the current settings. The cuts seem very shaky. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey… Glad to see you on the forum pages here…

So, in my experience anyways, I’ve cut a lot of 16ga with an Everlast 50s… The settings I’ve settled in with are 32A… 160IPM… .060"cut height…70psi… BUT your settings may be quite different depending on your setup as a whole… This is just what works for me…

Yes, I’d say it’s a bit slow at 130ipm but, again, that’s compared to what I’m used to… If the cut is slow, the plasma flame can end up “hunting” a bit looking for more material to burn…

Looking at your images, something jumped out at me… Looks like your outside cuts are going counter-clockwise as evidenced in the image below ----> The plasma flame can lag behind the torch just a touch…I may be wrong, but, this is one thing folks point towards as a possible cause for a jagged looking cut… Typically, we want to cut outside contours in the clockwise direction…

If you could post any files related to the cut, we may be able to find more… how many nodes in the original drawing etc…


Thanks for the info and the reply. Right now my regulator seems to be limited to 65 psi on my machine. 30A is the maximum this machine will do. New machine is on the list for sure. I definitely want to try it a bit faster and see what happens. You were spot on with the counter clockwise cutting which is what my file was set up to do. I’m still learning SheetCam and finding my way around. I have attached the .tap file. Not sure if that helps any?

Zazu_6.tap (10.2 KB)


OK…so now were getting somewhere… The 30A is going to be ok… As should be the 65psi be for a 30a cut… Now you just need to find the sweet spot in regards to speed… I’d just make a few test cuts going up in 5-ipm increments until you find your best speed… **This is, of course, after you re post your file paying attention to the cut directions.. Inside cuts ---> counter clock... Outside cuts ---> Clockwise...**

In Sheetcam, you will usually be choosing “outside offset” and checking the box “reverse cut direction”… Running the simulation will help you make sure you’ve got things right…

Here is an SVG of your file if you wanted to try that… Just make sure to run it through Inkscape before using it to make sure it’s sized the way you wanted…


I believe some fonts are problematic, Have you tried cutting some simple geometry to see how it does?

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Metric G Code Export?

Here is the code the OP posted

G90 G94
G21 (Units: Metric)
G0 X47.2723 Y19.0441

G92 Z0.
G38.2 Z-127.0 F2540.0
G38.4 Z12.7 F508.0
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.508 (IHS Backlash)
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z3.048 (Pierce Height)
G4 P2.75
G1 Z1.524 F1270.0 (Cut Height)
G1 X49.4563 Y23.2763 F3302.0
G2 X51.2689 Y23.3529 I1.0465 J-3.2781
G2 X52.4744 Y21.6873 I-0.9387 J-1.9484
G1 X52.481 Y21.6462
G2 X52.5745 Y20.4599 I-5.4352 J-1.0255
G2 X50.0398 Y11.5194 I-21.0366 J1.1346
G1 X50.0319 Y11.5046
G1 X49.9599 Y11.3648
G1 X49.9509 Y11.3469
G2 X47.1731 Y7.535 I-11.854 J5.72
G1 X47.1527 Y7.5148
G2 X44.0196 Y6.7844 I-2.136 J2.0776
G2 X42.7945 Y8.9455 I1.5407 J2.3012
G1 X42.7676 Y9.4233
G2 X44.9473 Y17.8007 I19.5133 J-0.6049
G1 X44.9642 Y17.8353
G2 X47.8719 Y22.2173 I15.106 J-6.8684
G1 X47.8901 Y22.2377
G2 X49.4563 Y23.2763 I2.6127 J-2.2394
G0 Z25.4
G0 X57.8527 Y27.5391

G92 Z0.
G38.2 Z-127.0 F2540.0
G38.4 Z12.7 F508.0
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.508 (IHS Backlash)
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z3.048 (Pierce Height)
G4 P2.75
G1 Z1.524 F1270.0 (Cut Height)
G1 X53.1294 Y26.9296 F3302.0
G3 X48.5531 Y27.3311 I-2.8007 J-5.6426
G3 X43.7297 Y25.373 I3.2697 J-14.9745
G3 X33.7009 Y11.2406 I9.9177 J-17.6624
G1 X33.6678 Y11.0435
G2 X30.4703 Y8.082 I-15.9371 J14.0005
G2 X26.6915 Y7.0984 I-3.1775 J4.4566
G2 X24.3693 Y7.5537 I1.9559 J16.1233
G2 X21.2141 Y8.5385 I10.9295 J40.5646
G3 X11.0818 Y10.0223 I-8.0156 J-19.3993
G3 X11.0239 Y10.0141 I0.0757 J-0.7467
G1 X10.0446 Y9.8369
G1 X9.9965 Y9.8265
G1 X8.9052 Y9.5541
G1 X8.8885 Y9.5497
G1 X8.2207 Y9.3667
G2 X10.9107 Y12.9774 I26.4215 J-16.8773
G1 X11.8519 Y14.0583
G1 X14.6736 Y17.207
G1 X23.4058 Y26.758
G1 X26.9182 Y30.6754
G1 X26.9254 Y30.6835
G1 X28.2213 Y32.1713
G1 X28.2293 Y32.1807
G1 X29.222 Y33.359
G3 X33.9348 Y40.8417 I-26.1027 J21.6658
G3 X34.6363 Y43.3261 I-8.1546 J3.6437
G3 X34.6424 Y43.4066 I-0.7443 J0.097
G1 X34.6504 Y43.7704
G3 X34.6371 Y43.9288 I-0.7504 J0.0166
G3 X34.1166 Y44.6745 I-1.0968 J-0.2111
G3 X34.0494 Y44.7104 I-0.3872 J-0.643
G1 X33.8701 Y44.795
G3 X33.7243 Y44.8461 I-0.3201 J-0.6789
G1 X33.4828 Y44.9038
G3 X33.3315 Y44.9239 I-0.1743 J-0.7301
G1 X32.6827 Y44.9438
G3 X32.4052 Y44.8997 I-0.023 J-0.7502
G1 X32.2365 Y44.8389
G3 X32.1294 Y44.7905 I0.2546 J-0.7061
G1 X31.8113 Y44.6156
G3 X31.7262 Y44.5611 I0.3616 J-0.6577
G1 X30.8731 Y43.9292
G2 X29.5846 Y43.4432 I-1.7338 J2.6456
G1 X29.5739 Y43.4416
G2 X27.5753 Y43.3803 I-1.243 J7.9214
G1 X25.41 Y43.6729
G1 X24.308 Y43.8684
G1 X21.7396 Y44.376
G1 X21.7272 Y44.3783
G1 X19.557 Y44.7694
G1 X19.5221 Y44.7749
G1 X17.9681 Y44.98
G3 X17.8944 Y44.9861 I-0.0982 J-0.7441
G3 X8.3251 Y41.3453 I-0.433 J-13.2581
G3 X2.6763 Y32.5265 I10.7719 J-13.1183
G3 X4.529 Y25.2581 I6.7669 J-2.1454
G3 X6.1558 Y24.5552 I1.7627 J1.846
G3 X6.3195 Y24.5645 I0.0397 J0.7495
G1 X6.545 Y24.6023
G3 X6.6984 Y24.6451 I-0.124 J0.7403
G1 X6.9757 Y24.7554
G3 X7.0655 Y24.7982 I-0.2774 J0.6974
G1 X7.3913 Y24.981
G3 X7.4667 Y25.0294 I-0.3672 J0.6546
G1 X8.2651 Y25.6124
G1 X8.2885 Y25.6303
G3 X9.8504 Y27.1499 I-6.6657 J8.4134
G3 X10.5314 Y28.7157 I-2.2366 J1.9037
G3 X10.5358 Y28.8304 I-0.7456 J0.0863
G3 X10.2861 Y29.7011 I-1.8922 J-0.0715
G3 X9.6935 Y30.5055 I-3.657 J-2.0738
G1 X9.6633 Y30.5358
G1 X8.8389 Y31.3191
G3 X8.7401 Y31.3982 I-0.517 J-0.5442
G2 X7.5026 Y34.1518 I1.5902 J2.3696
G2 X9.4299 Y36.4756 I2.8277 J-0.3841
G3 X9.4831 Y36.4956 I-0.2368 J0.7122
G2 X12.962 Y36.9829 I2.6644 J-6.3595
G1 X12.9732 Y36.9816
G2 X15.0259 Y36.6818 I-2.5726 J-24.7848
G1 X16.0647 Y36.479
G1 X17.2102 Y36.2322
G3 X22.9571 Y35.359 I7.6909 J31.2692
G3 X26.2263 Y35.6548 I0.6071 J11.5036
G2 X25.2502 Y34.446 I-31.9338 J24.7862
G1 X23.9509 Y32.9215
G1 X22.4268 Y31.2067
G1 X19.2509 Y27.7883
G1 X16.2184 Y24.5749
G1 X13.8099 Y21.9726
G1 X11.6535 Y19.5895
G1 X11.6447 Y19.5796
G1 X8.8712 Y16.4028
G3 X1.7447 Y6.6189 I53.5585 J-46.4987
G1 X1.7261 Y6.5863
G1 X1.1034 Y5.4298
G1 X1.0927 Y5.4092
G3 X-0.1991 Y2.6243 I47.8593 J-23.8919
G1 X-0.2158 Y2.582
G1 X-0.6751 Y1.3038
G3 X-0.7073 Y1.1833 I0.7064 J-0.2538
G1 X-0.7291 Y1.0626
G3 X-0.5594 Y0.0314 I1.315 J-0.3131
G3 X0.3313 Y-0.5781 I1.1453 J0.7181
G1 X0.3725 Y-0.5848
G1 X0.8152 Y-0.6444
G3 X0.8788 Y-0.6502 I0.1001 J0.7439
G1 X1.5539 Y-0.6831
G1 X1.5945 Y-0.684
G1 X2.326 Y-0.68
G3 X2.4794 Y-0.6633 I-0.0041 J0.7506
G3 X3.4692 Y-0.004 I-0.3395 J1.5823
G3 X3.9037 Y0.8956 I-2.5516 J1.7873
G3 X3.9204 Y0.9627 I-0.7195 J0.2139
G2 X5.4797 Y2.463 I1.8579 J-0.3705
G2 X8.3591 Y2.4194 I1.3246 J-7.6174
G2 X12.5993 Y1.1286 I-4.2444 J-21.552
G3 X18.4664 Y-0.6097 I9.575 J21.5484
G1 X18.4982 Y-0.614
G3 X20.3963 Y-0.6784 I1.3442 J11.6265
G3 X29.5104 Y2.3704 I-0.5681 J16.8462
G3 X33.8295 Y5.7322 I-22.8985 J33.8743
G3 X37.9565 Y-0.018 I9.0146 J2.1138
G3 X38.0662 Y-0.0743 I0.3962 J0.6375
G3 X45.1774 Y0.6237 I2.9005 J7.0232
G3 X47.7872 Y2.7011 I-7.8847 J12.5834
G3 X50.9228 Y6.2915 I-25.1613 J25.1383
G3 X51.3769 Y3.3917 I18.2075 J1.3661
G3 X53.9508 Y-0.2162 I4.8765 J0.7568
G3 X58.3762 Y-0.3064 I2.3026 J4.3647
G3 X61.1901 Y1.2313 I-3.6492 J10.0209
G1 X62.0746 Y1.9119
G1 X62.0957 Y1.9287
G1 X63.1303 Y2.7855
G1 X63.1448 Y2.7978
G1 X64.3324 Y3.8331
G1 X64.343 Y3.8425
G1 X65.6839 Y5.0564
G1 X65.6927 Y5.0645
G1 X67.5563 Y6.8063
G1 X67.5757 Y6.8252
G1 X68.0582 Y7.3099
G1 X68.0702 Y7.3223
G1 X68.7822 Y8.0712
G1 X68.7896 Y8.0791
G3 X78.1395 Y19.7514 I-78.2141 J72.2328
G1 X78.1734 Y19.7998
G1 X78.6399 Y19.6694
G3 X85.5398 Y19.0973 I5.0385 J18.8742
G1 X74.6699 Y5.842
G1 X74.6616 Y5.8317
G1 X73.3593 Y4.1851
G1 X73.3509 Y4.1743
G1 X72.3364 Y2.8425
G1 X72.3227 Y2.824
G1 X71.596 Y1.807
G1 X71.572 Y1.7712
G1 X71.1641 Y1.1248
G3 X71.1218 Y1.0481 I0.6348 J-0.4005
G1 X70.9665 Y0.7235
G3 X70.9083 Y0.5502 I0.6771 J-0.3238
G1 X70.8819 Y0.4213
G3 X70.8674 Y0.2366 I0.7353 J-0.1505
G3 X71.3954 Y-0.5682 I0.9428 J0.0429
G3 X71.5108 Y-0.6133 I0.3299 J0.6742
G1 X71.7151 Y-0.6742
G3 X71.8769 Y-0.7036 I0.2145 J0.7193
G1 X72.2201 Y-0.7278
G1 X72.2622 Y-0.7296
G1 X73.7442 Y-0.7505
G3 X73.9509 Y-0.7245 I0.0106 J0.7505
G1 X74.0608 Y-0.6947
G3 X74.2464 Y-0.6165 I-0.1961 J0.7245
G1 X74.3908 Y-0.5313
G3 X74.4868 Y-0.464 I-0.3816 J0.6463
G1 X74.768 Y-0.2319
G3 X74.8297 Y-0.175 I-0.4776 J0.579
G1 X75.5995 Y0.6203
G2 X76.9276 Y1.1991 I1.6469 J-1.966
G1 X76.9383 Y1.2005
G2 X78.8261 Y1.1751 I0.8614 J-6.1588
G2 X81.1608 Y0.6314 I-3.1596 J-18.8501
G1 X82.1258 Y0.3343
G3 X85.1721 Y-0.5355 I11.1739 J33.3637
G3 X86.64 Y-0.7488 I1.9421 J8.2064
G3 X86.6997 Y-0.7498 I0.0422 J0.7494
G3 X91.5577 Y1.0335 I-0.1873 J8.019
G3 X93.1999 Y2.4124 I-12.9259 J17.0621
G3 X95.8057 Y4.9937 I-38.6206 J41.594
G1 X96.0337 Y5.2378
G3 X98.1837 Y0.6998 I8.6106 J1.3012
G3 X98.2279 Y0.6548 I0.5568 J0.5033
G3 X102.0341 Y-0.7479 I3.568 J3.8161
G1 X102.0453 Y-0.7473
G3 X107.4683 Y1.1535 I-0.6362 J10.5016
G3 X111.3293 Y4.357 I-15.8455 J23.0264
G1 X112.3526 Y5.385
G3 X114.0946 Y1.0419 I9.6155 J1.3358
G3 X114.1527 Y0.971 I0.6087 J0.4391
G3 X119.8329 Y-0.432 I3.9073 J3.619
G3 X123.3437 Y1.2703 I-3.5398 J11.7717
G3 X127.0136 Y4.1112 I-23.0887 J33.6175
G1 X128.2087 Y5.1593
G1 X128.2228 Y5.1721
G1 X130.1476 Y6.9486
G3 X130.3891 Y7.5001 I-0.5091 J0.5516
G1 Y10.9973
G3 X129.3044 Y11.6694 I-0.7506 J-0.0
G1 X129.2835 Y11.659
G3 X129.1034 Y11.5336 I0.3342 J-0.6721
G1 X126.5589 Y9.1399
G2 X123.9845 Y7.0851 I-12.816 J13.4171
G2 X122.5685 Y6.4657 I-2.4071 J3.5742
G2 X121.3807 Y7.1341 I-0.2416 J0.9603
G1 X121.3736 Y7.156
G2 X121.1843 Y8.1965 I3.4482 J1.1649
G1 X121.1837 Y8.2091
G2 X121.2314 Y9.3317 I6.02 J0.3069
G1 X121.5195 Y10.9023
G1 X121.7486 Y11.8613
G1 X122.0388 Y12.9538
G1 X122.8483 Y15.7267
G1 X124.0514 Y19.6878
G1 X126.1532 Y26.4579
G3 X125.2875 Y27.4161 I-0.7168 J0.2225
G1 X116.994 Y25.7376
G3 X116.4256 Y25.223 I0.1489 J-0.7357
G1 X112.3492 Y11.9937
G2 X111.0484 Y9.6938 I-8.9119 J3.5223
G1 X111.0373 Y9.6788
G2 X108.0226 Y6.4761 I-14.0397 J10.1956
G3 X107.9578 Y6.4161 I0.4769 J-0.5796
G2 X105.4838 Y5.8908 I-1.6233 J1.5568
G2 X104.9771 Y6.6814 I0.8421 J1.0974
G1 X104.9747 Y6.6915
G2 X104.8495 Y8.1931 I4.7617 J1.1528
G2 X105.0886 Y10.1342 I16.3162 J-1.0242
G2 X105.7889 Y13.3227 I44.5001 J-8.1019
G1 X106.3778 Y15.5227
G1 X107.1599 Y18.1902
G1 X108.1667 Y21.3934
G1 X109.8362 Y26.386
G3 X108.9777 Y27.3602 I-0.7118 J0.238
G1 X100.8369 Y25.7384
G3 X100.2832 Y25.2723 I0.1466 J-0.7361
G3 X96.3706 Y11.614 I74.5115 J-28.7346
G1 X96.3659 Y11.5873
G1 X96.3141 Y11.2533
G2 X93.6868 Y8.5835 I-34.8779 J31.6959
G1 X92.6958 Y7.7452
G2 X89.5257 Y6.9114 I-2.6205 J3.5202
G1 X88.3684 Y7.0948
G1 X83.0566 Y8.1116
G1 X83.0096 Y8.1191
G1 X82.0166 Y8.2446
G3 X81.8783 Y8.2492 I-0.0941 J-0.7446
G1 X81.5763 Y8.2314
G1 X91.0393 Y19.7088
G3 X93.9908 Y23.5099 I-57.2069 J47.4667
G3 X95.0838 Y25.2418 I-12.0034 J8.786
G3 X95.1118 Y25.2995 I-0.6608 J0.3559
G1 X95.2953 Y25.7235
G3 X95.3293 Y25.8194 I-0.6888 J0.2982
G1 X95.3726 Y25.9742
G3 X95.3953 Y26.0894 I-0.7228 J0.2023
G1 X95.413 Y26.2407
G3 X95.4171 Y26.3666 I-0.7455 J0.0871
G3 X94.8027 Y27.2397 I-1.0013 J-0.0519
G1 X94.7576 Y27.2569
G1 X94.6423 Y27.2966
G3 X94.4217 Y27.3372 I-0.2446 J-0.7096
G1 X93.9043 Y27.3537
G3 X93.7825 Y27.3477 I-0.0239 J-0.7502
G1 X93.0587 Y27.2525
G1 X93.0366 Y27.2492
G1 X91.5012 Y27.0004
G2 X85.7576 Y26.5489 I-5.2546 J30.0862
G2 X83.5475 Y26.7251 I0.7671 J23.5678
G1 X81.9393 Y26.9519
G1 X79.217 Y27.3568
G1 X79.1868 Y27.3606
G3 X78.3622 Y27.0977 I-0.1145 J-1.0653
G1 X78.3335 Y27.0709
G1 X78.1883 Y26.9282
G3 X78.11 Y26.8379 I0.5262 J-0.5353
G1 X77.953 Y26.6245
G3 X77.9125 Y26.5634 I0.6045 J-0.4449
G1 X77.7434 Y26.2793
G3 X77.7152 Y26.2275 I0.645 J-0.3839
G1 X77.3323 Y25.4512
G1 X76.9943 Y24.859
G1 X76.4852 Y24.054
G1 X75.8047 Y23.0385
G1 X74.9554 Y21.817
G1 X73.9359 Y20.3879
G2 X66.7963 Y11.6414 I-69.4832 J49.4301
G3 X66.6688 Y11.54 I0.4005 J-0.6348
G1 X65.1201 Y10.0065
G1 X63.7876 Y8.7277
G1 X62.4687 Y7.5336
G1 X62.4393 Y7.5055
G2 X60.1906 Y6.6813 I-2.0028 J1.9845
G2 X59.635 Y7.2304 I0.2761 J0.835
G2 X59.4533 Y8.1929 I2.9874 J1.0623
G2 X59.5129 Y9.5 I7.7132 J0.3031
G2 X59.9341 Y11.842 I23.9093 J-3.0905
G2 X61.1325 Y16.3421 I69.0728 J-15.9848
G1 X64.1829 Y26.4604
G3 X63.4642 Y27.4276 I-0.7186 J0.2166
G1 X61.7543
G3 X61.3914 Y27.334 I0.0 J-0.7506
G1 X55.8694 Y24.2843
G3 X53.1294 Y26.9296 I-5.5407 J-2.9973
G0 Z25.4
M5 M30

Thank you for that info. I tried reversing the cut and moving to 140ipm which actually seemed to make it slightly worse. I’m sure its still the speed. i will just have to keep messing with it until i can find the proper settings. I’m also starting to wonder if its just this font and I am asking too much of this old machine.

Great catch! I just changed SheetCam to the proper units of measurement. I’m not sure I ever would have noticed that.

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Yup… Didn’t see that the first time around…

@SpecBuilt … Did you happen to use the same DXF on the second try at 140ipm??
If you’re willing, go ahead and size that SVG I posted above. Just make sure you size it correctly first… Seems an SVG like that has smoother curves and may not show the wavy-ness that got us here in the first place… @Knick above also mentions cutting something easy like a 2" x 2" square and see how that looks… Removing variables one at a time is the way to go!!

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You might actually try slowing it down. Like @KX9M said, every machine is different. The cut chart for my PrimeWeld Cut 60 for 16 gauge: 30 amp; 50 psi (I use 65); 0.06 cut height; and at 110ipm. Other than the increase in air pressure, that’s given me good results.

I haven’t noticed any warping or other heat buildup issues.


Have you checked to make sure there is no play in the Z axis bearings? Sometimes this is caused by the Torch wobbling due to loose bearings in the Z axis.

I’ve also had this happen in a much more exaggerated way and it was a plugged hole in the torch cap. In that case, I could hear the arc pulsing.

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@KX9M Yes I did use that same DXF. I will try that SVG as soon as I can figure out how to do so lol. The other DXF came from converting a file on Adobe Illustrator to a DXF file. I have cut a very simple heart shape on those settings with pretty decent results.

@ds690 I will definitely check the torch as well as the Z axis, thanks for the tip!

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I’m going to try and set the speed at 110 and 140 and do a side by side comparison to see if I can see a visible difference between the two.

You can bring the SVG into SheetCam the same way you did with the DXF… You just have to specify “SVG” when doing the import of the file…


I cut at 80ipm, vipercut 30. 75psi

Sorry for the delay in response, haven’t been able to spend much time messing with the table. The issue is solved. It was 100% user error. I was so fixated on settings and making sure I didn’t crash the torch having no limit switches that I failed to see the x axis lead screw bracket was incredible loose. I tightened it up and without changing settings the cuts come out nearly perfect. Thank you all for the help. Live and learn I suppose.