Help torch height hanging up

I was having problems and noticed the coupler in the thc was loose so i tightened it and it started working fine. The about 1 day later things we south, now the thc will hang up and get caught when it headed down. It hangs up and the jumps down suddenly about 1/4 in. The it stops working. I noticed the some other screws were very loose so i tighten them and cleaned the bars that the bearing roll on. It is still getting caught!

oil the drive screw…in fact oil all your drive screws


What kind of oil

Im also having a problem with my torch firing and making a cut the when it moves to the next cut it does not fire.(i have disconnected my thc completely and moved the torch all the way to the top, if i ndo not then the torch will fire and cut then it will raise up move to the next location and fire like 1 inch above the material? idk what to do

If the Z axis is hanging up, you have to find out what is causing that.

There is no way for the IHS system to work properly if the Z carriage stops moving on the way down to the material. The Z carriage has a floating attachment to the lead nut, so that it can lift and close the IHS switch when the torch contacts the material. If the carriage hangs up on the way down, it will trigger that switch and tell Firecontrol that the torch has hit the material. Then it sets the Z zero at that location and runs from there.

3 - in- one oil or wd - 40 .