Help post process crossfire por

Hi need help im trying to cut my first part with fusion and need to set a post process up
Is that fire control or what I keep getting sent back to this usless crossfire page that is not help full at all!!
so im 40 but talk to me like im 102 years old!

where do i get this post program and why cant i see is in fusion under down loads i have nuthing.

You will need to download and install a post processor into fusion 360.

Start here in the installation instructions.

Here is where to download the post processor

Also you can search the words " post processor" in the magnifying glass above for more information.

See how this information treats you. Hopefully you will be up and running soon.

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i think i got it set up.
Is there any way to open fire Controle and test up lode the program without having it hocked up to the Tabel?

I wish there was a way to toggle on a simulation mode for fire control.

Hopefully they have that on their roadmap.

In fusion 360 and then sheetcam you can run simulations. It’s not the same thing as doing it in fire control but it gives you an idea.

You can do a dry run in fire control and you could leave the power switch to your electronics enclosure off and it would run through the whole program on the visualizer.

i did a run the other day with the power off when i got everything to talk.
I do work at home and my table is in my shop at work it just sucks to have to go over there just to find out something isn’t happy.
all Thow as i get more into this it may not be as big of a thing having glitches so you have to start over.
i need a place in the shop where i can set the pc up and for.