HELP! Plasma torch delay

So i was able to get everything running smooth and cutting really nice and running programs nice except for (example) the plasma torch finishes a letter and moves to cut the next letter it has a delay on turning off the torch so it cuts a little line as it is moving to the next letter and i am not able to figure out a way to get this to stop happening!

Is lead out turned on it sheetcam?

We are using fushion 360

Is this a Razorweld? You may have it set on 4t. It should always be on 2t. This picture shows the cutter set on 4t. The light with one arrow up and one arrow down should be lit.

It is a titanium 45 and there is no switch to set between 2t and 4t

Yeah. Those don’t have a 4t mode. Perhaps you are not cutting on the right side of the line, although I recall someone else having a similar problem with a Titanium plasma unit doing this. It had to be in his Fusion settings, because it didn’t do it on a Sheetcam file that I sent him.

Do you have any idea what that setting would be called? I cant find anything worded like it would deal with the torch turning off

If you’re using Fusion post your f3d file and someone would be able to see exactly what you did.

I don’t use Fusion, so I don’t know. I know it wasn’t the cutter, because my Sheetcam file worked fine.

I also use a .5 second pause after each cut, so it doesn’t move directly to the next cut.

David how are you creating the pause, M1? I can’t get M1 or M0 to work with Firecontrol.

G4 Pssss where ssss is in seconds is a PAUSE with timed delay. M1 is a pause until START button on most CNC systems, but I don’t think FireControl honors it.

It definitely doesn’t honor M1 it likes M0 better but fails after 1 cut line. Thanks Tom I’ll give G4 a try. is that in milliseconds?

It’s a Sheetcam setting. You can choose an amount of time to pause after each cut loop.

.5 seconds gives me some time to catch tip ups and keeps the tip cool to prolong consumable life.


SIGH! I wish could tell you. This is one of those non-standard standards. Everyone does it differently.

I would recommend trying it with some hand written G-Code that runs an IHS cycle, and then uses one of several G4 possibilities, runs another IHS cycle, with then another G4 combination. This way you can isolate whether it’s milliseconds, seconds, floating point seconds, etc.

Possible combinations are:

G4 P50 - 50 seconds or 50 milliseconds, the difference will be obvious
G4 P5 - 5.00 seconds
G4 P5.99 - close to six seconds or just 5 seconds???

Re @ds690 's comment, yeah, SheetCam’s parameters let you choose seconds or milliseconds, but it’s the controller that determines how to interpret the resulting G4 P0.750 command.


The pause that Sheetcam adds is a G4 P0.5, so it’s in seconds

Here is a cut loop from one of my files

G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
G4 P0.25
G1 Z0.06 F70.0 (Cut Height)
G1 F190.0
G3 X0.4627 Y1.5747 I-0.0246 J0.0246 F114.0
G3 X0.4423 Y1.5256 I0.0491 J-0.0491
G3 X0.5118 Y1.4561 I0.0695 J0.0
G3 X0.5813 Y1.5256 I0.0 J0.0695
G3 X0.5118 Y1.5951 I-0.0695 J0.0
G3 X0.4627 Y1.5747 I0.0 J-0.0695
G4 P0.5
G0 Z1.0
G0 X2.9528 Y1.5256