HELP NEEDED with plasma start

I have the following problem ,…

My crossfire and its pc is a offline , so no internet only once for install.

I have a licensend mach 3, and sheetcam .

All worked perfect since today.

The interfacebox is always launching the plasma trigger.

Had this problem never before. Crossfire cuted without any problem.
Only now its always sending the signal to start the plasma,

So i opened the box , and think that this pieces is faulty,…
All the rest in the box is working normally , as the crossfire makes the drawing without plasmacutter off courze, because it never stops.

Could it be the blue pieces is broken,… and where to find it ?


Really nobody any idea ?

Common part .

here is a spec sheet on this part.

you could buy it here

should be able to take a ohm meter and verify this part verse the spec sheet.

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is the relay welded in the closed position?

how do you mean ?

I mean this relay that isolates the loop that engages your trigger from the electronics.

The contacts on these relays can sometimes stick in the ON position.

yes its on,…

Even non powered i get a closed signal on the trigger port

I would remove this component from circuit and verify that yours is stuck in the closed position.

if so order a replacement.

This is one of langmuir’s first machines?
Just out of curiosity how long have you had it ?what’s your serial number?

i bought it in 2018 or 2019 when it came out

where do i find serial ? ( and why is this needed ??)

i still have warrenty :slight_smile: ??