Help Needed after First Cuts

Hi Newbie here.

I finally have set up my machine and have tried my first cuts, exciting stuff!!

However, after many different attempts at different cutting speeds etc, I am having the same problem. The torch is leaving pierce holes on the entry points (see attached photo) I have messed around with the setting in Fusion (including) the pierce clearance to no avail.

I am using a brand new Razorcut 45 on the crossfire pro with THC. Cutting 16 gauge steel at 35 amps.

you need to change the inside cuts to the inside (click on the red arrows) and also have a small lead in/out for each cut so it’ll start and finish the cut in the scrap part.


Using lead-ins will eliminate the pierce marks in your finished piece. Lead-ins will start the cut in the waste material and move to the cut line. I use a .2" arc lead in on most of my parts.

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Make sure your sideways compensation isn’t set to center, make sure your cut is starting on the scrap side of the cut, and reduce your pierce delay.


Thanks my friend, that has pretty much solved the problem. The entry marks are now very small compared to my first attempts, just a little fine tuning required. I already had the arrows on the inside but changed the lead in/out settings. Many thanks…

Great, thanks for your input, much appreciated…

Appreciate it, thanks…looking good now :grinning: