Help near Kansas City Missouri

Hey everyone, is there anyone that lives near the KC metro area with a Crossfire Pro. Bought it 2 years ago and then life happened and hadn’t been able to use it. It’s 99% put together now but my wife is scared I’m gonna burn our house down. Would somebody be willing for me to check out their shop and see how they have it set up and how to use it to put my wife’s mind at ease. LOL. would even bring some BBQ or something else for your time! Excited to be a part of this community and to get started!


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Hello Eric, I have to say these tables are extremely easy to put together and as ‘plug and play’ as you can get with the exception of very few things.

Those few things are - voltage from your plasma cutter, and torch on/off signal as well.

Depending on the plasma cutter you own, you can opt to buy simple plug-and-play plugs as some are readily available if you’re not handy with wiring at all.

Aside from that, there’s no wrong way of getting anything else done.

Your table itself has a control box that simply runs off of 110 power, and really only your plasma cutter (and potentially your air compressor) run off of 240 for maximum output and efficiency.

If there’s any specific thing you’re questioning, why not take pictures? It also helps to disclose what plasma cutter you’re running exactly, how you have your air plumbed and what sort of filtration you have.

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Also I should add that you can just as easily refer to Langmuir’s assembly instructions on their site and go through each step as you go over your table. It’s as simple and dummy-proof as you can get.


In addition to what @Kwikfab said, Welcome to the forum and you will probably want to know how to submit pictures.

Before you ever do any cutting, you will be able to do “dry run” to see if the machine is following your connection with the computer. You will also do a check to see if you can turn the torch on/off from the computer (make sure there is water in the pan for this).

So there are lots of things to check before you see if “you can burn the house down.”
One question: Is your wife related to my wife??? I think so!

Oh you do not know the extent that I can mess something up. I once took the bottom of my wife’s sewing machine apart. What a nightmare!

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Oh Don, not a cheery thought: