Help me please i would apreciate it very much

why cant I download the usb motion control plugin

What problem are you having?

If you click on it in Windows it should start the download except it may ask for permission to keep it since it is a program. It should save to the Downloads folder in Windows. The other way to do it is right-click with the mouse and choose “Save Link As” and then in the dialog box tell it where to save it.

It’s telling me defective plugin

Did you copy it to the Mach3/plugins folder?

If you did and the file seems to be bad, try downloading this, rename it to just DLL by deleting the .DXF on the end and copy it to your Mach3/Plugins folder.

Mach3-CrossFire-MotionControl-v1.dll.dxf (267 KB)

I reset computer to factory I have to download everything again and I’m going to try what you just told me thank you

Is there anyway we can talk I’m not having any luck

Mach3 software can sometimes be finicky when it comes to setting up and customers usually have success by uninstalling Mach3/deleting all traces of it and reinstalling a fresh copy. Please follow the steps below remove Mach3 from your computer before re-installing.

1.) In the bottom left corner of windows click the search icon and type ‘add’ until you see the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ Dialogue come up. Scroll down the list and find Mach3. Click on it and select ‘Uninstall’. Follow the prompts to successfully uninstall the program.

2.) Next we want to make sure that all the files and plugins were successfully removed from the computer. Go into the file browser and click on OS (C:). You should see files such as Apps, Drivers, PerfLogs, etc. Make sure that there is no ‘Mach3’ Folder. If there is, right click this folder and Delete it.

3.) Re-install Mach3 and move the CrossFire Mach Profile and CrossFire Plugin file into the correction locations as before.

4.) Open Mach3 and see if this fixes the issue. If not let us know!