Help indexing plate

I trying to figure out how to index a larger piece of plate. I need to cut something out approximately 35" x 12" and I wasn’t sure if I needed to set it up through fusion or mach 3 or even how to actually I would do it . Also is there any work on the table extensions yet.


I’m not sure about indexing, but I’ve been doing name signs for customers that are longer than 24" and just make my own breaks in f360 that fits the table then weld them togther… here’s an example of my daughters sign

Not sure if this method will work for you but I would like to know if there is an easier way as well

There’s an indexing technique we use in traditional CNC routing that is on my list to write up & post to explain how to do it so you get clean transitions for each of the segments. No welding required :slightly_smiling_face: Just need to find some heads down time and work just keeps getting in the way.

interested in the indexing technique. could you update how to do it on the crossfire?

It’s on my list but I’m trying to finish up a motorcycle rally prep doc and teaching classes on the weekends for lasers & CNC. Gonna be another couple of weeks.

I think Shopbot had a Youtube video of how to do it on a CNC machine if you want to see if you can get a jumpstart before I get to this. Otherwise it’ll be in a couple/three weeks (just realized I also have to cut out a piece for Valentines Day for the wife :slight_smile:)

gothca. will look forward to seeing what you recommend. I looked at shopbot but couldn’t find what I was looking for. There are others videos to watch about indexing but specific to the crossfire and mach 3 I am curious.

be glad if you can show e how this is done

I keep forgetting to write it up :slight_smile: I’ve tagged this post though and am leaving it open in my browser so I’ll finally remember to do it.