Help! I'm about to send it back and ask for a refund!

Thank you! We are using fire control and fushion 360.

What guage metal you trying to cut? 2 or 3 second pierce delay is extreme. I use 0.7 on mine for 14 guage metal at 70 ipm. If you have the x45 torch make sure the retaining cup isn’t cranked on tight. I had a misfire issue with it being to tight. Now I snug it up and back it off a touch.


I use .2 pierce delay for 14 ga and .5 pirce delay for 3/16. to much pierce delay can actually cut away the metal and you can lose arc voltage, any alarms? can you post the .tap file?

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Is your machine a Gen2 crossfire? If so the only software you need is fire control. Los make sure to install the fire control post processor where you originally put the mach3 post processor.

I’m sorry but I didn’t see anywhere stating wether it’s a CROSSFIRE 2x2

it’s probably the Gen2 version of the 2x2 if he recently purchased it. It ships with the pro control box with one of the y axis motor connections covered up. So he needs to use firecontrol.

Measure the table or for a quick look and you have the water table, the Pro’s water table is two trays that are joined together by bolts in along the middle with 2 drain holes. The standard Crossfire’s water table is a single pan with one drain hole. If your table bed is roughly 4ft by 3ft then it’s a Pro. If it has 3 lead screws - two parallel to each other on opposite sides of the table it’s a Pro.

Or simplest of all, if it says “Crossfire Pro” on one of the long square tubes that make up the frame it’s a Pro. If not, it’s a Crossfire.

All else fails I would be interested in buying it

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Do you have a switch set right on the front panel? I assume you bought the razor weld 45.

I had the same problem. I ended up using a water separator right out of the compressor and used the small shim not the large one. It seemed like the torch was to far away from the metal. Maybe this will help. My torch worked fine all by itself on metal so I knew that wasn’t the problem. Oh and they had the wrong electrode in my gun double check that as well. Forgot about that. They sent me knew ones for free.

Don’t get too frustrated, these plasma tables are exactly what they are advertised as - an inexpensive DIY tool that requires some tweaking, learning, and experimentation. I have a significant amount of metal working experience and a fair bit of CAD training and I still ran into a seemingly endless string of problems… some of which I have yet to work out. You WILL get it figured out, don’t give up.

What is your background in metal working and CAD? It would help to know what size of compressor you have, what amperage you have your plasma cutter set on, etc… there are so many variables… if you have insufficient air supply and are not familiar with plasma cutting in general or CAD or CAM operations, it’s a recipe for disaster. Trying to learn Fusion on top of that is going to be exponentially more frustrating - it’s needlessly complex for what most of us are doing.

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@WILD1 - I have only had my table about a month and it was very frustrating at the beginning. I hate to admit it, but It took me 3 days to get my torch to first fire. I checked every cable, connection and setting. It turned out to be a consumable in my machine torch was installed correctly in my plasma cutter. My own error in the original setup. Each time I cut with it, I get a little better and better on how to use it and how to understand the terminology in the instruction manuals. So far, I have found that the plasma cutter manual (I am using a hypertherm 45XP) and the Langmuir instructions have been spot on. Maybe not always easy to follow if you are new to the terminology, but correct nonetheless.

In any case, this might be the coolest machine I own. I use it daily and hardly ever in the intended purpose I bought it for. Today I wanted a rack for a prime rib on my grill - now worries, 20 minutes later it is drawn up in Fusion360 and cut out - perfect!! I love this thing! I truly started off frustrated though.

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Step1 is always contact @langmuirsystems guys with your problems.

Send them an email including pics if possible.

I’m sure you will be rewarded.

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Yes they will help.