Help finding the right plasma

Hi I plan on ordering the pro but need to shop around for a plasma cutter.

I thought about getting the razor weld 45 that comes with it but saw on the forum that there are some issues with it at times and consumables may not be the best. I also look at the everlasting 52i but read that it may not be able to cut above 3/16, although I see people really like that plasma or the 62i.

So here’s my situation. I have a 60 amp breaker to a sub panel with 6 gauge wire which I plan on using for all this. I have a smaller 110v 40 gallon air compressor that gives me 6cfm at 90 psi, but I’m considering upgrading that to a bigger 60 gallong higher cfm air compressor. The point is though that I only have a 60 amp breaker for all this so I have to consider what plasma to get that will let me run in that with the air compressor.

Any suggestions? I also considered the vipercut 30 because I think it’s less power and actually cheaper price, but not sure if I’ll be able to cut my max target of 1/4 steel.

Well, what did you end up going with?

52i will cut 3/16 all day. The problem is the duty cycle may put a damper on big projects. 62i is still very affordable and would give you a duty cycle cushion.