Help! Files not showing in my Download Folder!

So I just got my machine up and running finally and I downloaded a bunch of files from Fireshare and put them all in a unique folder within my Downloads Folder. I can open that folder right now and find the codes ready for cutting. Now when I click “Load G Code” in Mach 3 and navigate to that same folder, there’s nothing in it. I know that it’ll upload code because I just ran the Break-In program a half gazillion times.

Anyone have any insight on this matter? I couldn’t find this topic listed in the library.

I or you are a little confused, the files from fireshare are dfx files I believe, Mach 3 only reads .tap files, you still have to turn the dfx files into .tap files in Fusion so mach 3 can read them.


Oh really!? I was under the impression it needed to be a .dfx files. Looks like I need to dig a little more into that topic. I literally just got started with this deal. Thanks for the insight.

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Only .tap files will run on Mach 3, so import the dfx files and do your tool path in fusion , then name and save the tap file and you can then open it in Mach 3.


@ctgolfer is correct. DXF files are design files. You can manipulate them, change the design, add stuff etc. Then you create Toolpaths (using Fusion 360 for instance) and then generate the tap files Mach 3 uses. Those are the control files that tell the Crossfire where to go, when to fire, etc.