Help a noob out!

Just trying to get familiar with software. When I load a file n to Mach 3, this is what I see on the screen. What am I doing wrong. Thanks for the help.

Try clicking program run. to the left of the highlighted tool path , top left and see what that does.

I think I stumbled in to the solution. G code now loaded and running! Stopped at a point N 5000 M03. Does that suggest I am over the allowable 500 lines in the trial and need to purchase the full licensce (something I am going to do anyway)? Thanks for any help.

You are correct. 500 line max for demo. The code jumps by 10 for each line.

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Thanks. I purchased to full version. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to have Langmuir send me the authorization/license number.

It takes them awhile before you’ll get it.
Even longer for you if your on the East Coast like me.