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Just recently purchased through our College a Crossfire Pro and Hypertherm Powermax 45XP. Very new to plasma cutting and CNC and I’m looking forward to learning.

I use Fusion 360 and have been for some time for 3D printing projects. I’ve been cutting different things and have been running into a lot of different issues. Some I’ve been able to sort, and some I have not. Likely most of my issues are operator error and a lack of knowledge in proper machine use and setup.

If anybody can point me towards a beginners guide to proper machine setup, through to cutting your first pieces and common issues with fixes it would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you everyone for your time.

What specific issues are you having?

The main issues I have are cutting consistency, keeping circles round, and fine cuts.

By consistency, I mean when printing identical pieces using the same file, settings, and material, the pieces will often come out different.

Large circles seem ok-ish, however, anything around 2 inches or smaller and they definitely aren’t round.

I’m using fine-cut consumables, but I cant seem to cut anything with any level of detail. I believe I have issues with my machine set-up, and determining kerf width, etc.

Hope that makes sense? Still very new at this and there is definitely a learning curve. I fully believe most if not all of my issues are operator error, but just not sure how to fix them.

Could be several issues… Are you sure the motor couplings are not slipping? What is the condition of your consumables? What is your method of removing moisture from the air. Moisture will trash consumables fast.


Thank you Phillipw

I’ve just today read about the motor couplings and will go through each of them and ensure all are tight.

Consumables are pretty new. I don’t know how usage is tracked, but I would estimate that they have maybe 10 minutes of cutting on them?

Ill have to look into moisture in the air. The air source is provided by the buildings compressor. It provides the compressed air for all of the hangars and shop classrooms. I don’t know much about it.

You can also over tighten them as well they will strip easy. The air needs at a minimum go through a bead cell dryer then a filter at after that. If not consumables will never last long.

Fire control will keep track of pierces and arc time for you.

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Holes that are not round can be from:

  1. Loose couplers
  2. Something loose like other connections of the rails or the torch.
  3. Sloppiness of the bearings
  4. Something is dragging
  5. Worn consumables.
  6. Holes cut too slow or too fast
  7. Lead in our lead out is causing extra material on the edge to burn away.
  8. Torch is not being held steady or torch cable is putting extra strain at certain positions on the table.
  9. Smaller holes need you to slow down so the plasma stream can complete the cut. Larger holes do not have that issue.

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If you are using “optimization” during Manufacturing/CAM that will allow your cut during small holes and improve the hole considerably.

Are you using a machine torch or hand torch?