Hello, new user

Hello everyone,

I just jumped in and bought the crossfire pro. Highly excited for it to arrive, but in the mean time I have to ask all of you who already have your system, is there anything you wish you would have bought or had waiting when they system show up to help? I’m a draftsman/surveyor for a living so the drafting and cad software should be right in my wheel house. Any advise would be greatly appericated… Thanks again everyone…

Hey Travis!! Welcome to the gang…

First thing that comes to mind for me would be to encourage you to explore some of the mods guys have done to their tables. Many of them that you will find here are at least worth a look, some are “must-do” in my opinion…

Take a look ahead at your power and air situation in the vicinity of where you intend to use your table…

What do you plan on doing for air drying/filtration?

Where do you plan on sourcing your raw materials? Is it worth a longer drive perhaps?

Anything you can think of ahead is going to be time well spent!! Dont hesitate to get on here and do a little searching out and asking questions. You will find this is a very entertaining bunch!!

You are going to need, at minimum:

  • 50amp 220 outlet dedicated to the plasma cutter.
  • Compressor capable of putting out a continuous flow of air that exceeds the specs for the plasma cutter
  • A method of drying the air for the plasma cutter, such as copper pipe manifold, dessicant dryer, Motorguard filter, refrigerated air dryer or a combination of those.

Thanks everyone, I got the compressor that will do the job. Just bought an ingersoll rand D18IN air dryer, no just waiting on the table. LOL