Hello my name is oscar. Looking for a good place to get sheet metal in the DFW are

Hello guys my name is Oscar I’m from Arlington, TX. I own a crossfire XR and was wondering if there’s anyone here that lives in the DFW were I could get material I’ve been getting it from my uncle for the past couple of months but everytime I ask where he gets it he tends to not want to tell me so if anyone has a place in the DFW area were I could get some material at a good price it would be helpful and I hope to make some acquaintances here. Thanks for any help yall can render.

I am not in your area… You may search to see if a company named Ryerson is in your area. That is where we get metal for work. They also do our thick burnouts. Buying bulk is usually cheaper with them.

You might try web search “Grand Prairie metal sales”
Looks like there might be a couple places to try.

Thanks you there is one and I’ll check them out

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Will try that out thank you

I don’t know the name of the business but the address is 2420 I-35 Lancaster 75146.