Hello from Yukon, Oklahoma

Hello everyone. Ordered my crossfiire pro about a month ago and looking forward to receiving it. I have been a welder for about 33 years. My computer skills are not the best, hoping I will be able to figure the machine out, but looking forward to the challenge. Look forward to talking to ya’ll.

Hi and welcome to the gang! My computer skills are less than not the best. With the help of forum members and LS themselves I can make some sparks fly.

at least having some…posting on the forum…introducing yourself…half the battle is over

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Thanks, I should be getting my pro in March sometime. I’m glad this forum is here, I’m sure its going to be lots of help to me.

Well I just got mine yesterday and I have to say it was packaged great. I’m looking forward to putting it together and doing my first cut. I’ve been watching videos and trying to make my brain get up to speed on the terminology of things. So during this build up I will try to video the important things.

Weldpro where in the 405 are you? I was a Tinker AFB Baby. I have many friends and family in okc, jones.

Welcome @weldpro , you will find plenty of help here.
I am from Cass County Michigan

It will seem like FOREVER waiting on your table. There may be additional delays and missed deadlines. You may get discouraged and impatient. I amused myself by reading the ranting and threats to cancel from folks and all the patient replies, ( along with some entertaining “suck it up ya pouf!” comments🤣). But then my table arrived and, like a ton of folks, mixed up the upper and lower tubes, swapped the X and Y bearing mounts, fought with my Razorweld, cried to Danny and Mike and let them guide me to the realization that reading is fundamental, sweated, cursed, threw tantrums in the privacy of my shop/garage, and then… Somewhere along the way, I cut some freaking cool steel things! Just be patient and, when it gets too bad, turn off the computer, toddle over to BJ"s or the Garage, have a burger and a brew. Your table will arrive and you can cut some really cool stuff.


well said keith1…well said

keith1 covered it really well.

I had a few hiccups in the build, most likely due to the beer consumed while building… But I was able to get it all assembled in one day, and had it making cuts the next. I attribute this primarily to reading threads on this forum, tons of great info here.

Langmuir did a great job, they said it would ship in Dec (ordered mid Oct) and the first box did indeed ship in Dec. I had all the boxes mid Jan, so right on 3 months.

I’m in Yukon, Welder for OG&E.

Gotcha sounds good!

Welcome from Moore, OK. I spent the 3 months it took for mine to show up learning Fusion 360, inkscape, and sheetcam also spend a lot of time reading what people posted here. All that has defiantly made the process a lot smoother once it arrived.

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Hey mdgrant, I’m going to buy a computer for the crossfire. I want to do what you did and try and learn the software before the machine gets here. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations on laptop brands and what they need to be equipped with? Thanks for your time.

I have Dell 7300 2-1 laptop which does anything I need to do with Inkscape and Sheetcam. It works okay with Fusion 360 but I dont do a lot in Fusion 360 so it works for what I need.

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Cool, I had been thinking about a Dell. I had seen where someone was talking about the laptops on this forum but couldn’t find it again. Thanks, I appreciate it!

If you use Inkscape or Affinity for your drawing program, a decent business oriented laptop will be fine. But if you’re going to do Fusion 360 for your design program you’ll be better off if you get a gaming oriented laptop. Fusion is very graphics intensive and can really use the graphic card processors that come with gaming laptops.

Thanks for the info!