Hello from Wisconsin đź‘‹

I just ordered the Crossfire Pro with the Razorcut 45, THC, and SheetCAM. Looks like I will have a wait before it is shipped.

I am a 38yr old Automation Engineer that is very knowledgeable in 3D printing, 3D CAD, Metalworking, and Welding. This plasma table should be a good addition to my home shop and should enable me to make whatever machines I can dream up.

My home shop is equipped with a Bridgeport mill, 225A AC/DC TIG Welder, 175A MIG Welder, Grinders, 2-post car lift, dynamic tire balancer, and a center post tire mounting machine.


nice set up…great background…youi are gonna have fun…welcome to the group

Very nice!
Ya you will find a 101 uses for you Crossfire.

Welcome you sounds like a nice shop. you should enjoy the table…

I am up to 103 uses…and if I get to 110 uses my wife says I will quickly get to 111 uses as it will turn into my new bed…

apparently she does not see me much anymore since I got my table…


Welcome, I’m down by the Illinois state line, just posted my pro with thc. For sale last night if you would be interested. $2800

That’s a steal of a deal… welcome to the group. My last box just arrived and I’m starting the build…

What size plasma cutter is on it? Is it the Razorcut 45?

No cutter , just the table along with bottom shelf,wheels ,leveling feet, lead screw guards,plasma cutter shelf,and material alignment fence.