Hello From West Central Wisconsin

Just dropping a quick line to introduce myself. I’m located in Wisconsin, about 90 miles to the east of Minneapolis/ St. Paul. Retired at the end of last January, and decided to expand the selection of equipment in my workshop.

Began reading topics on this forum a couple of months ago, which led to the purchase of a CrossFire Pro. Received it a couple of weeks ago, along with THC and RW45 with machine torch.

Just starting to assemble and am implementing quite a few of the modifications found on this forum.

Will provide details as I move forward. -Steve


Welcome to the forum!

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from your time here!

I don’t know much about Wisconsin. Haven’t been there. Any time I think about your state I get these, I don’t know… cheesy thoughts… I can’t explain it.


LOL Quite a bit of truth about cheese. I purchase and down a couple of bags of fresh, “squeaky” cheese curds every week. -Steve


Welcome to the forum!!

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Welcome Steve!

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