Hello from West Central Florida

Hi, I am a prothetist in west central Florida, and when I am not working with patients, I am in the lab creating. In addition to composite manufacturing of prosthetic devices, I have always been interested in working with metal, so we are opening up a small area in the lab for metalwork fabrication. I added a used CrossFire to our metalworking area and in the process of getting it up and running. I’m sure I’ll have a few questions and looking to upgrade the machine.

welcome…we are here to help…

Welcome to the forum. I am a recently retired Physical Therapist. Worked with a number of CPOs over the last 38 years. Your field is very cutting edge at times with the knee mechanisms. Lots of resins smells come from your labs. I was told by one CPO that you work with over 25 different compounds that are carcinogenic. Hopefully, that is changing some.

Look forward to interacting with you and especially how it relates to your profession.

Thanks for the warm Welcome! ChelanJim, when I’m not in the lab, I have a clinical practice where we also have in-house OT/PT, Massage therapy and aquatic therapy. Working with therap goes hand-in-hand for productive outcomes!

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