Hello from Washington

Soon to be a proud owner of a crossfire here. I have a question. The building where
I’ll be putting the table has no electricity. I have a 75k watt arc welder/generor. I think it’ll power the plasma cutter, the table and the air compressor, but I am worried about electro magnetic disturbance it might cause problems with the software or mother board. I am new to plasma cutting in general so any advice will be appreciated, thx.

This is a bit off your topic but did you get the Pro? I’m about to purchase the CF or the CF Pro and would like to know what made you choose it? I’m just stuck on the fence and I hate waiting considering everything going on in the world now.
Christopher Segar

@MonkeyMan I got the crossfire not the pro. Price was mainly reason for the purchase the other reason is that its seemed to be a good choice for beginners, which I am. I also bought the expansion kit and water table all of which were a good deal. Hope this helps.

I am a total noob at Plasma CNC but I tell you…love the Pro…I bought it not wanting to be wishing I had not bought it.
it all depends on what you plan to do…I am by no means doing production work…but it is easier doing larger stuff without having to index and shift your work.
I recently did a 32" x 32" sign for a guy…first contract…made $1500 doing it with 11ga metal…he provided the design…I did the cuts in no time…

as for your power issue…I am not sure the generator is your best choice.
power from a generator is very dirty power…and by dirty I mean it is not a stable wave signature and is not great for electronics.
that is why most people are getting invertor generators…takes AC…converts to DC then back to AC…makes it clean and smooth.


this means you most likely will have plasma cutting issues with any type of torch height control…and then there is the possibility of unreliable plasma arc…or stable cutting arc.

not to mention the havoc it can cause the motion control board and related PC connected.

do a lot of research on you power before connecting an arc welder generator to something as sensitive as a CNC plasma table.


Thanks for your help. I’m leaning that way now. I just want the THC with it now and it seems that I’ll have to wait for that. I’m just chomping at the bit to get a table.

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Thats what I was wondering. Thanks for the advice. :grinning:

To be honest I would not even charge any mobile device on a non inverter generator…too risky

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