Hello from the plains Colorado!

I’m Joe living on the north east plains of Colorado. I retired a few years ago after 40+ years working as a forklift mechanic. I loved my job but never missed a day since retiring. My wife and I have built a couple home’s ourselves and this one has a great shop, traveled 150000 + miles on motorcycles. Worked and played hard and Can’t ask for a better life!

Looking forward to getting to know you all and figuring out out how to use this new toy!


Hey Joe
I’m Sean over on the front range. I’m a Honda Technician, 15 years now. What machine are you getting? I’m a Crossfire Pro owner and loving it! This forum is an awesome place! Welcome!

Hi Joe! I’m new to using a plasma table myself. Only 50 so I have a ways to go to retire but I love welding & fabrication. Was happy and relieved to see many good folks on this forum willing to help newbies like myself. I am still trying to learn the language and figure out what computer I’ll need. My XR should be delivering near the end of November but I’m trying to figure out enough to simply start asking questions without sounding like I’m joking. I’m in the shenandoah valley of VA BTW.

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Hello Sean! i have a pro also. at this point I’m just getting started with all the computer crap! lost is an understatement! what part of the front range are you in? I’m in Keenesburg.

Hi Mike! I’m familiar with the Shenandoah valley. I worked for Coors and they have a Brewery there. We traveled that area and it was beautiful. I do a lot of fab. and welding also. Ya learning the language is complicated! I just bought the second computer, the first was a macbook$$$$ and it could not run everything that is required. I just got the Dell XPS so be sure what you need! I’m not a computer person so the tech stuff is daunting!
There are some very smart guys here.

I live in Johnstown. I am not a computer guy either and it can be… frustrating to say the least. My best advice, move onto sheetcam. Yes, it costs money but works great and fusion is a hassle.

Joe, I am looking hard at a Dell myself. I want to make sure I get 8GB, a 64 bit processor and a good graphics card that will not take away from the 8GB. I guess that means it must be windows 10 as well. This is all info I have just recently picked up here on the forum. This is going to take a while to learn but everyone crawls before they walk I suppose. I may end up having a local computer service co. help me pick just the right computer. I don’t want to make the mistake of wasting a dollar to save a dime too. I wish Lanmuir had a few more videos on simply getting started. That would help them in getting more beginners to buy tables as well.

I hope you find the right one. they need to update some of the videos.

I just bought Sheetcam! trying to get everything put on the Dell as we speak!
Johnstown is not to far from me.

Hey Joe,
Have fun with your machine and make something special for your home and your wife. Here’s something I made for my wife and our garden. Jitterbug Perfume Garden Sculpture - YouTube
ps. I live in Montrose on the western slope.

Hello Craig,
Way cool art for the wonderful looking garden. I’ve been doing all my art work cutting out by hand. My wife talked me into buying the Pro table. I know very little about computers. So my wife has to teach me how to do the drawings. Had table about a month and finally getting to cut metal ( WAY COOL ).
We live in the Keenesburg area

Keep cutting

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