Hello from South East Massachusetts!

Hey folks, new to the forum and looking forward to making some neat things with my new Pro system. Finally making time for a formal introduction as I’ve been creeping around the forum for info during the assembly process.
Sure is a ton of helpful folks on here and I’m sure I’ll be asking plenty of questions as I get rolling.
I’ve been a welder, fabricator, mechanic of varied sorts and industries for too many years to count. Time is right for a good side hustle with the wife. She’s into Crafts and I’m into cars so figured we can cover both with this new system.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Welcome to the forum!

Are you calling us fat? :rofl:


Welcome to the forum!!

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Friendly and a sense of humor! :+1:

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There is always that one guy!

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hey greetings Dan!
just posted today for the first time and was just going through the threads and noticed almost the same topic i posted, southeast Massachusetts. Im in North Attleboro and have a small shop in Plainville. where abouts are u? Just put together my crossfire pro also. have a trucking business and got into metal fab a few years ago from owning dump truck. by reading your post, im sure you have alot more knowledge to share than i do but let me know if you ever need anything.

Hey Ted! Welcome. Thanks for reaching out. I’m on the other side of 495 in uxbridge. Been making some stuff in between working for the man and learning these different design programs. Hope you having good luck with your machine. Happy to compare notes if you get in a jam. Not that I’m a pro at this yet be I’m glad to help if I can.