Hello From San Diego California

I saw the table ship from Chula Vista, CA, just a short distance from my house. I then saw it go to LA before it returned to San Diego. But it arrived today. Now I just have to put it together.


Welcome. I don’t think anyone will ever understand why shipping companies route things the way they do. Glad you got it and post pic of the assembly. I’m eagerly waiting for my table. It’s killing me!

I unboxed everything. I realized I am going to want it on casters. The should be here in a few days. The caster inserts say they are M10, but I used my thread gauge and found they are 3/8 16 thread. I ordered 4 of these.

The red will accent the table nicely.


Welcome to the forums! Lots of good stuff on here. As I’ve been thru the caster thing…I’ll link to a post from when I built my table…

Search around on here - lots of good ideas on ‘mobile’ tables. Good luck!

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