Hello from Pennsylvania

Hi, I’m Matt. I own a small Fabrication business NW of Philadelphia, PA. I’ve been wanting to branch into the plasma business for a couple of years, and I’ve finally convinced my wife that now is a good time to jump in. So we’ve got a Pro table coming on Tuesday!

I need to wire in the CPC port on my Pwermax 45Xp, just got done some additional shop electric, and have been focusing more time to Fusion 360. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I don’t believe that I can make crazy money with this setup( at least not right away), but I’d like to get some income through it. I already know I will use it on almost every project I build.

While the reviews on the Crossfires aren’t what drove me to purchase one, it’s this forum and what seems like good customer service that swayed me. I’ve been delving into the forum for a while, and look forward to the day where I can help someone, as I’m sure I’ll be here asking a lot of questions!


Hey Matt…welcome to the forum.
glad to have you here…
you will find all kinds of support here…and lots of fun…

Ask away…!!

as for CNC with the Crossfire systems…I started 2 years ago with only plasma hand torch experience…and zero CNC experience…

just remember that if you have problems…pictures…descriptions…work wonders…
the more information the better we can all help…

Even one of the most reclusive and quiet @TinWhisperer speaks up from time to time…lol… :rofl:


Lets hope this never happens!! :rofl:


And @mjefab welcome to the forum! Look forward to seeing what you create with your new machine!

Hey @mjefab
as you have a shop…and already have the powermax…I might suggest you purchase a machine torch for the table.
a couple of reasons for this…

  • the torch stays on the table all the time allowing you to still use the plasma for other uses and not have to pull the hand torch off the table all the time…
  • a machine torch with a spare hand torch allows you to have a back-up torch for the table
  • a machine torch on the table meas you do not have to pull the hand torch off to change the consumables…less problems
  • a machine torch has a longer line allowing you to keep it a little further away from the actual table…and not under it…

Welcome to the forum and good luck!! You are correct as this forum is a wonderful place for information.

Welcome Matt, support here is second to none!

Welcome Matt. I’m new here also and need to get on more often.
I’ll second what Toolboy said about having both the machine torch and hand torch. I just bought my 45XP with both torches and I’m sure I’ll be glad I did once I get my XR.

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Thanks guys! I actually already purchased the machine torch for all the reasons stayed.

I almost just ordered the razor weld, as it would hav been a couple hundred cheaper than the machine torch and cpc port, but in the end the duty cycle and stocking another consumable swayed me away. That and the fact that I can etch with the Hypertherm, which I’ve already had a request for, is a feature that makes it worth it.