Hello from Oregon

Celebrated the 3rd anniversary of my 25th birthday last year. Retired LEO. Long time car enthusiast / hobbyist. Although I received a degree in machine design, which included old school drafting and CAD, that was a “LOT” of years ago and I got side tracked so I never pursued that career. Needless to say, I’m pretty rusty at CAD but relearning. First time with CNC plasma and I’m looking forward to the arrival of my system.


What part of oregon you from. Im here in prineville

I actually graduated from Redmond, but I live in the Valley now

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Welcome to the group!!

Welcome to the group!

Welcome aboard

Welcome to the group.

I was born and raised in prineville, now in Redmond. :astonished:

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Sadly, I don’t like you already… because I am so jealous of that Impala in your avatar!

When I was a kid one of my Dad’s friends bought a brand new 66 or 67 Gold, black interior, SS package w/manual on the floor, dual exhaust. Even though I never had an Impala, that car started my love affair with Chevys.

Good luck with the renewed interest in design and CNC cutting.


Thanks. My Impala was 5 years of frame off blood sweat and $


Maybe if you liked him, he’d let you sniff the leather seats…


Welcome. I am in Washington state. Try not to get overwhelmed. I think where some get into trouble is that they already have paying jobs planned for their new hardware before the kinks are out of the system.

There are 3 systems that eventually all come together: the drawing, the coding that the machine needs and the machine (Fire control/plasma cutter/table).

But like anything that accomplishes something, there is a lot of pride. The good folks on this site are incredible and are there with you each step when you ask.