Hello from Oklahoma

I’ve been wanting a plasma table for a long time. So I finally pulled the trigger on a Pro and have a few months before I get it (mid 18XXX order #). I have no experience at all with any cnc software but i’ve been studying every night. I mainly wanted one to fab parts for cars I build, but i’m sure the wife will have me making stuff for her most of the time.

Welcome. Sounds like you’re on the right track by researching the workflow first.

Get your air squared away second. What cutter will you be using?

I have all the parts for my air supply, just trying to figure out how I want it laid out in my new garage. I am going with the Primeweld 60, I have their TIG welder and really like it.

Welcome to this band of misfits! :rofl:
Good choice with the CUT60!.. Love mine!
Also, start learning a decent 2D CAD program, SheetCAM and Inkscape.

Welcome. Fellow Oklahoman here. I have the Cut 60 as well. I’ve had the Crossfire XL in my cart for a while now. I just can’t decide if I think I will use it enough.

I was the same way, then I figured I don’t use a lot of my tools enough, but it is nice to have when I need them. There was a guy in OKC selling a used XL the other day.

Do you happen to have a link or any additional details on this?

It was on market place. I just went to find it and it does not pull up when I search for it. On my messenger it still shows it available.

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Thanks a bunch.

Oh trust me, You’ll use it alright! :rofl: