Hello from Ohio

I am brand new - we just finished assembly of our unit this morning. We got the cross fire XL with the water table. Is there a collection of tutorials anywhere to learn the software? This is our first plasma machine, but we have several other CNC units (both diode and CO2 lasers and routers), so we are familiar with Easel, Vectric Desktop, Lightburn and Laser GRBL (all that use G-code).

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software for fire control or CAD-CAM ? If you look in the software section here in the forum there are lots of posts with all kinds of information

Langmuir has some tutorials using both fusion 360 and sheetcam

Software workflow

Fusion 360


@TinWhisperer has some practical cad/cam videos using fusion.

NTD Racing Clough42 and Mike Festiva have some good videos on YouTube using Fusion with the Langmuir machines. None of these 3 focus their channels on CNC plasma but do use them frequently.

If you are looking for tutorials the ones by Tin are the best. He also live streams on twitch frequently.


Welcome to the forum. I was born in Fremont, Ohio. Left Ohio for Alaska when I was 9 years old (I took my family with me!!!)

It sounds like your experience with G-code will serve you well. @72Pony gave a good concise list to get started. I have no experience with the programs you mentioned but perhaps they appear to be for engraving. It is possible, some of those images will work for starting points saving as DXF or SVG. Either could be imported to Fusion 360 or Sheet CAM for the tools and CAM to be performed.

As you are probably aware, the intricate patterns that you can do with engraving might not hold up with the plasma cutting since lines will be a bit thicker and you will need to trust that the remaining metal will maintain your features/integrity. Both Fusion 360 and Sheet Cam will help with tools. “Tools” would be were you explain to g-code the speed you are cutting with the plasma that will be based on the thickness and type of metal.

I suspect you will have a very brief learning curve. You are way ahead of how many of us started.