Hello from Northern Ontario Canada

I am 22 years old and from Canada. I worked as a welder-fabricator apprentice from 17-20 until I went to college for business.

I am almost done assembling my cross fire pro. (opening electronics box this morning) Very excited to get it working & start producing my metal art :slight_smile:

(hoping i can make my first cut later today)

Always looking for new people to connect with, learn from, and even share my knowledge with. My inbox is always open to kind hearted people who love to share ideas.

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A good group of folks on here for feedback and support and there’s lots of gold on here if you just search a little bit. Have had my XL for about 6 months and love it. Z axis/THC came in yesterday so now I’m into a whole new learning curve myself! :grin:

One tip that helped me was to start small and simple to get the process down from drawing to post processing. Saved a lot of frustration for me. I now do most of my drawing in Fusion for dimensional stuff and Inkscape (and I’m now learning Affinity Designer) for the arty stuff. I’ve moved to Sheetcam for my post processing . I find it a heck of a lot nicer to use than the Fusion post processor.

Enjoy!! And show us pics of stuff of course :+1:


ya already know my story…key points

  • grumpy
  • spend way too much time here…love it though
  • always telling people to use the search function…maybe a little to much
  • always willing to help…
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the first post i made you explained the search function lol! (which is good cause i don’t wanna be the one re-creating posts)

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i’m fairly decent for a beginner for the design aspect (cad) but will have to get use to the CAM aspect. I have designed previous cuts for my old boss to cut for me but never had to deal with the CAM part. I’ll definitely start slow with all of that.

What plasma unit are you wiring your THC too?? I’m gonna be tackling that this afternoon hopefully.

Almost ready to do my first jog!

CAM software recommended is SHEETCAM…unless you really want to play with conFUSION360…sheetcam is easy…

I have a everlast 62i

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I have a Miller 375 Extreme. Only issue was my unit has the raw voltage lugs reversed from what I was seeing in the 375 wiring thread. Good thing I checked the continuity and rechecked the pics :grin:

First cut successful and did a nice job. Set my pierce height to .15 and cut height to .06 and watched it do what it was supposed to do :grin:

Only thing that threw me a bit was what height to set the torch initially. I mean I know the IHS does the heavy lifting but wasn’t sure where to set it out of the gate. Just kind of winged it and it worked. Not sure if there is a recommended height to set the torch initially or if it matters and you just need to be in the ballpark.

Modified one of my plant stakes for the first try and I’m super happy with it. Nice clean cuts and very little dross. Big :+1:

Now I just need to find out if there’s any issue with extending the length of the cable from the VIM output to the control box because I usually keep my plasma cutter by my workbench . Don’t think there should be but :man_shrugging:

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