Hello from Maryland

Hello fellow Langmuir folk. Just purchased my pro a few days ago. Can’t wait. One thing I really like about Langmuir and the crossfire pro is the community around it. From youtube to this forum it appears there is a lot of insightful and helpful people. Looking forward to the chats and getting my table.

Current project is setting up new compressor.



Welcome to the forum! Have fun!

I’m not sure anyone around here has an opinion about that… :smirk:


Who knew getting a table would require a few upgrades and purchases. Certainly open to opinions haha

Hey, welcome to the group! I’ve got a son in Silver Spring Maryland.
Yes, lots of helpful folk in this group willing to assist. :beers: :nerd_face:

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Right on. I’m in Harford County Md so not too far. About 1 hr and 20 mins from me.

Trying to determine if I’m good with just the free trial version of Fusion 360 or if its worth purchasing…any advice on that or direction to a topic on it already in Software category?

I think most of the people here do just fine with the free version of Fusion. I don’t use it, mainly because I had already invested time into learning FreeCAD for 3d printing. I decided to stick with FreeCAD and go with Sheetcam for CAM and post processing.

I’m in South Jersey and have spent some time riding my bicycles in Harford County. Let me know if you need any in person help with getting started.


That’s kinda where I am…Finishing up my CADD Certificate and have spent a lot time learning AutoCAD. So may continue using AutoCAD for design and then sheetcam for CAM and post processing as well.

May take you up on that. Table should start arriving end of Jan, beginning of Feb but am hoping to do as much pre-work (learning) as I can before then.

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