Hello from Houston

Hey everyone, I’m Nic. I’ve been looking at the Crossfire system for some time now. I’m trying to convince myself to get one of these things and I’m trying to collect as much info as possible first. I have a CNC mill for wood right now, so I wouldn’t be completely lost. I have never used Mach3 (successfully anyway) and I haven’t done a lot of metal work so I’m not sure on finishing, source for design files, programs, etc. I just signed up on this forum today, so I have a lot of exploring to do and I’ll probably find most of my answers wandering around on here.


Lots of stuff here from people with different sources for files, steel, finishing, etc.

For designs I don’t do myself, plasmaspider.com has a ton of info and for $20/yr they allow file downloads and there are just tins of them.

For finishing, I have a bead blasting cabinet to clean up the metal and then either paint, powder coat or use Steel F/X patinas and dyes with a clear coat on top.

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I already do some powder coating in my shop now, all small stuff. If I got the Crossfire, I’ll need a bigger oven to do that sort of thing. I’ll look into the Steel F/X as well as the bead blasting. I do know, for some of the finished parts, I’d want to have a shine to them and not have a satin finish from a bead blaster.

I use different blasting media depending on the final finish I’m going to apply.

Sometimes I’ll use a chemical bath to clean mill scale off hot rolled steel. I use cider vinegar because it’s cheap, works well and isn’t as caustic as some of the alternatives.

I’ll use a smooth or polished finish cold rolled or stainless steel as well when I want a really smooth polished finish.

I resort to flap disks as a last resort as the labor is much higher vs one of the other alternatives.

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hello CapnStabn I’m Clarence from houston i bought the Langmuir sysytems .It work great for me i love to weld. i’m having a few update issues but its cut nice. i think you and i are the only ones in texas that have one. Lets get together and collaborate . im on the south side of houston.


Whats up guys i just joined the forum…Im in San Antonio Tx and bought into the first batch…Cant wait im just waiting on one more box.

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Welcome, this is a great forum supporting a great machine. Your going to have tons of fun with your machine!

Looking forward to it

@Rambikus Since you mention ‘batch 1’ I assume you purchased the Pro? If so email support and have them add you to the Pro users group. You will get access to the Pro forum, and you’ll see Crossfire PRO next to your user name like mine and jamesdhatch

Welcome to the forum.