Hello from Gnadenhutten Ohio

I’m about five years into my gig as Grandpa and a few short years from retirement. I am a machinist by trade (turned inspector for the last few years) and have extensive experience with CNC. I am purchasing the Pro to expand my Do-It-Yourself capabilities. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Welcome to the forum. A lot of us got here the same way :slight_smile: An open mind and a willingness to try new things is all that you need to be successful. LS brought some nice capabilities to an unserved market. Lots of us never thought we’d be able to make plasma fire :laughing:


Welcome to the forum.

Many things you mentioned strike a chord:
Ohio: Born in Fremont, Ohio. (Moved to Alaska when I was 9)
Retirement: Just
Grandpa: 6 years in July
Do-it-yourself: Many of us. Yes…I love it except for this morning. My wife was listening out the window and she could here a trickle of water running in our area drain and announces “We have a leak.”
6 hours, a broken window and a sore back later and the leak was found and repaired.


Welcome! I too am close to retirement, but have decided that simply means walking away from the corporate world and into business for myself doing custom fab work. Kind of wish I did so in my 20s and not my 60s🤣