Hello from Colorado Springs

Hi everyone, we are a husband and wife team that just bought the Crossfire Pro in October and are hoping to get it for Christmas. As Langmuir stated it would be shipped in December. Husband has been doing this kind of stuff for years and I decided I wanted to learn how to weld and he is trying to teach me everything at once.And I am still excited about all of this.


Welcome. Great table for the money. I think you will like it.

Welcome to the gang! And no matter when it arrives it will feel like Christmas!

I’m right there with you, ordered in Oct. I’ve been surfing here and getting various pieces parts for some mods on order. @Cletus has some great mods you may want to consider.

It looks like all of our table should be here by the end of the week. Hopefully yours is completed before then. If you would like to contact us PM us. Happy cutting.

I got the shipping notice for the last box, so hopefully I’ll be assembling and making my first cuts next weekend!

A little longer for us as we are building a one piece water table.
What CAD program are you going to be using?

I’ve been using librecad for technical stuff (brackets, etc), once I figured out the various end-point operations after watching a video it has been working for me with my old bridgeport cnc mill.

For just text I use fengrave, it has been good for the mill & the cnc router.

I’m trying to figure out inkscape for images/artsy stuff but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

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I’ve been an Inkscape user for some time, but recently tried Affinity Designer (I already had Affinity Photo) and I think I’m a convert. See @brownfox 's tutorial on Affinity. It’s a good way to warm up to it.