Hello from Canada. Ottawa!

Looking to purchase a Crossfire Pro!
What you guys think of the machine?
I have worked with CNC mills and lathes for years so im hopeful this will be nice, easy step!
Anyone in the Ottawa area have a machine that they might be interested in giving me a tour or just talking about their experience?

There are at least two of us. Me and @toolboy.

With your background it should be easy step.

I don’t mind giving you a tour.

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I am a total noob and am really starting to get into it.
Greg is master at the machine and programming.

Hey Greg9504, cool that’s there’s two in Ottawa. Ya I have a few question for sure. A tour would great, here’s my email bbgt90@hotmail.com

Hey toolbox, I have a bit of experience but have not worked with this software before. So I’m not sure what to think. Heres my email I do have a few question and don’t want to flood this this forum. bbgt90@hotmail.com