Hello from Brentwood, CA

My wife and i just received our Crossfire XL a few weeks ago and have been slowly putting it together. We are both newbies to CNC plasma cutting, but what i have seen on this forum so far it looks like we have a great support system!

We got this for our own hobby use to make stuff for us and our friends and family. I have zero doubt i will have many questions in the months to follow!

John R


we were all noobs at one time…well at least I was…
it can be a steep learning curve sometime so be patient.

when asking questions…make sure to include the systems you have and the software…it helps diagnose problems


Appreciate the advice toolboy!

Welcome to the band of misfits :rofl:
Great bunch of knowledgeable folk around here, we’re eager to assist!


Brentwood by Oakley ???

@Cuz_I_Can_Kustoms yes sir!

Still waiting to receive my Pro. Can’t wait glad to see all the newbies like me. I’m located here in Northern California, Scotia

welcome to the forum…
just remember if you have problems we are always willing to help…
just provide a lot of background information on the problems and the systems you are running…we can help much faster…

also…do not forget one of the best friends on the forum…the little magnifying glass in the top right of the screen…very…very helpful

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Welcome @427Cobra and @anderson1371! You have just journeyed into the CNC Plasma Zone!!!
@toolboy is spot on! And the little magnifying glass is very helpful. I just used it to find a post about insulating the water pan to use a larger cutter without burning holes in the bottom of the pan.
Welcome again, have fun!!


is my ego inflated now!!!

watch out…move out of the way…TOOLBOY is comming into the forum…make room…I need a neck support my head is soooo big now…

I need to go talk to my wife to have it deflated again…


Hello John, I’m in Lakewood, just north of Long Beach. Be glad to show you what I have made and offer some coaching if needed.
You’re going to love this thing and what it can do for you.

Hi @Millar, unfortunately i am in Brentwood in NorCal or i would definitely take you up on your offer! I am sure i will need LOTS of coaching…lol

Hello John, well, at least you are in CA!. I don’t know where you are starting from, but I’ll guess that you are new to Fusion 360 as a CAD tool. I finally got comfortable with Fusion and now I’m slowly working to learn more of it’s features. Look at the tutorials from Langmuir and Autodesk. If I can answer any questions, just let me know. Also this forum is a great source of help from all of us.
What brand of plasma cutter so you have?

@Millar I did the bundle package with the RazorWeld 45 the XL kit and water table. Seriously considering getting the Z axis kit to deal with metal that’s not perfectly flat.

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I’m in Oakley

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@Cuz_I_Can_Kustoms Nice and close!

Have you found a good local place for steel? I know we have a few recycling places around us. Since i am new to this i have just been using the crap you get from ACE or Home Depot since its essentially practice for me at this point.

I use the recycle spot and moose metal in concord a friend said he gets good pricing at W.J. kirk welding i haven’t checked there yet… the recycle spot will let you buy scrap pieces by the pound that is a good deal some times