Hello from Black Forest, CO

I ordered up a pro mid October. I’m hoping Langmuir is doing well with their production to meet the estimated December ship date.

I’ve had a hypertherm 65 for a while & on the advice of the local welding shop I ordered it with the CPC port, so hopefully it will be reasonably plug & play ( I ordered the cable & machine torch mount from Langmuir ).

After I had to cut out a dozen shim plates in 1/4" I decided it was time to go CNC as my wooden template method is slow and mediocre results.

I’m looking forward to the water table and less of the dust everywhere!

Welcome to the club of the hopeful!

Black Forest has changed tremendously! Used to prairie dog hunt there as a kid in the early 80’s.

You are a fortunate man to live in beautiful country.

Thanks, it is really nice here, and we were very lucky with the 2013 fire, no damage to our property. After 7 years the land is recovering mostly green and most folks have felled the burned trees. The deer are as thick as usual, I had to wait for one to get out of my driveway the other day! I did get to see some elk not too far from the house last year. I was out on the snowmobile on a new development’s unplowed roads and came around a corner to a herd of 40 elk, very cool to see.

Hello From Colorado Springs, We too just ordered the crossfire pro in October.
Funny that it seems like Southern Co. is a bit slow to get an interest in these tables but here we are both hoping that we get em for Christmas huh.
And yes our wild life doesn’t seem to be fazed by the population growth we even have bears in down town pizza parlors

I keep looking at satellite photos and am stunned by the growth. The Academy Dr entrance to the USAFA used to be the north edge of development. Everything north was cattle and prairie. I miss the 530 pm spring thunderstorms and the mountain sunsets.

Good luck with the plasma
tables, and dont forget how lucky you are to live there.

First package is on the way, tho it’s just the Hypertherm CPC cable, order 18970.

I got all excited when I saw the email, but maybe it means they are processing my order!

I’d love to have it by Christmas as my company shuts down for a week so I’d have to to get it all up & running.

I love the enthusiasm…

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I didn’t have anything for my company’s shut-down week, but they did meet the first box shipped by end of Dec, on the 30th. There are 3 of 4 boxes on the way (THC as well as the rest), just one more to go! I’ve got a fairly significant project pending. I still need to do the CAD for it, so plenty to keep me entertained while I wait.

Final box is on the way, scheduled for Thursday. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

I’ll say one thing for the folks at Langmuir, they do Love their box-stapler! To their credit the boxes have held up well, and they certainly don’t come open.

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I know what you mean…got my table a year ago…am still trying to open one box…ahahahahahahaha

In reference to one of your previous posts…Just grind em LOL

I got it all assembled (about 1 day) after all those staples! And did some practice cuts prior to using it to cut the drain holes bigger to accommodate bar sink drains. Thanks to reading this forum a fair bit I didn’t have any issues with the assembly and preloading the bearings.

It took me a bit to figure out the mechanized torch on the hypertherm, but once I worked that out it cut no problem. I verified the hypertherm’s voltage divider was set to 50::1 by default. For the test cuts I put a scrap piece of steel under them since I didn’t have water in yet.

I’m amazed at the lack of dross, I’m always at the wrong height with the hand torch. That and the speed, I did 200 ipm to cut the drain holes, zip & done! Not to mention perfect circles.

I’ve got a bit of lathe work to make a dimple die for the drain holes, then I’ll be ready to fill the table and do some real work.

I’m undecided on the first project, a sign for the driveway (somebody’s mapping software keeps sending people up my drive) or brackets for my W11B loader.

I’m looking forward to the versatility & magic precision. I wish I had this setup making shims for the 4 post lift a few months ago, they would have been perfect & done in no time. Oh well, I’ll have it for the next project!