Hello from Alabama

I’ve had my crossfire for a couple of weeks. Still boxed up unfortunately waiting on my new shop to get finished. wont be long now. I’ve been spending the past few days playing around with fusion 360. I’m sure ill be coming back for plenty of advice getting everything up and running. Good to know there are resources to reach out to in case of hang ups.


Welcome to the family

Welcome! Make sure to drop a pin on the owners map at this link: Crossfire Owners Map

…if you want to…might find some other owners nearby.


Welcome to the group, North Alabama here around the Guntersville area.

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Welcome, I am knew to the forum as well and just starting to put my garage work are together. My concern being in Florida is the Humidity therefore the compressed air setup. Since you are in Alabama you will have to fight the humidity too and I would like to know what are you going to do for your compressed air. Are you using disiccant inline dryer/filter and regulator? or something more elaberate?

The only things I know to do is make sure your compressor is capable of producing the cfm required to run the plasma and then some to avoid it running non stop. This will reduce the amount of hot air being pushed in the tank. Im also adding several water separators and locating them away from the compressor. Will it help? Maybe but cant hurt. Finally adding some dessicant filters will finish me up. Unfortunately in our part of the country humidity is a certainty we have to work harder against than some others.
I got as far as assembly and running break-in and went down with extensive shoulder damage. Ill be one armed for another month before I can finally get this stupid thing off my arm. After that I’ll still be limited. It sucks but I’ve gotten good enough with my dumb arm to start doing a little work at least.
Sorry for being so late on the reply