Hello and looking for setup advice

I just ordered a Pro with THC & limit switches. Black Friday pushed me over the edge. Is there a getting started guide someplace I can start reading? My experience with CNC is zero.

My layout is the Crossfire table will live in a metal-walled workshop in Michigan - I don’t see much cutting being done in the winter. I have an older small form factor desktop computer that will be attached to the table with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Sometime next year I will run a network cable to the building so this computer will be on my home network.

My computer work will be done in the house on a machine with a large monitor. My son has had some training in school with Fusion 360. To start I’m looking to cut stuff I find online and creating things like signs and yard art.

Any advice on setting up my system and workflow would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.

This is probably a good link to start with:

There is also a fairly concise/comprehensive walk thru of Fusion 360 that can be found on the Langmuir site and it can be found at the support section of the Crossfire User Guides, described next:

Here is a fairly robust Intro guide including introduction to equipment, workflow and software options. Go to the main Langmuir site. From the forum, just click on “Main Site”

Now click on Support. You will see a list of topics related to Crossfire User Guides. I put check marks next to ones you might want to check out:


As far as the table look here (this is on the main site under Support)CrossFire PRO Assembly Guide | Langmuir Systems
you can also search here in the upper right.
And then there is you tube



I would recommend all the tutorials and YouTube searches like Knick said. Any questions you may have just do a search in this forum . There is a wealth of knowledge amongst these guys. I watched and read for weeks before my machine showed up. I have lots of bookmarks here and saved videos on youTube that I go back to once in a while. Good luck.

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