Hello all. new-ish member here

Hi all, I’ve been lurking around for the last 7 months and have mainly been more active in the FB forum/group. I got my Pro table in December after debating for almost 2 years(I wish I’d pulled the trigger so much sooner). For the most part I’ve been using my table to make suspension/prerunner/custom/hot rod parts and tools that I either can’t afford or don’t feel comfortable buying because I felt I could make the same/similar parts for less or with better functions, turns out I could and I have, and now I’m starting to gain some traction amongst friends, other small businesses, and even the occasional stranger that’s either seen my work in person or on IG. In any case, I wanted to introduce myself, say thank you for the endless info on the table, it’s been fun learning the process of design, set-up, and cutting. I may not be the most knowledgeable, but I do enjoy sharing my experience with anyone that needs it. My shop/garage set up consists of a Everlast Powerplasma 62i with CNC torch, a craftsman 32 gallon compressor, motor guard at the plasma machine, desiccant and water separator combo filter at the compressor, high-flow or “v” style fittings. If I can be of any help, please reach out. I’ll also make more of an effort to come on here and help with what I can. here’s some of the work I’ve done, and some pending work I have to do