Hello All! First Post

I’m excited to get a table ordered and like many I have questions about compatibility.

I saw that some Lotos and Primeweld machines are compatible while others are not. I’m looking at the Primeweld CT-520D 3 in 1 machine because I am also interested in the TIG function and they have a 3 year warranty. Not much info on their website and I read through the Q&A on Amazon with mixed results.

Some say it’s Blow Back start then HF, others say it’s a no go for CNC. Anyone know the specifics on this machine? Should I contact then for details?

If I’m asking to much from one machine that’s understandable and the the TIG will have to wait.

Thanks for any input you can offer!

I would just go ahead and get a hypertherm.You wont regret it and many have bought other machines on here to end up getting a hypertherm after the fact.I have a 45xp and havnt had one issue.

Wow, not sure that’s in the budget right now.

Take a look at everlast welders. They have multi process units and they are reasonably priced

If your going to be using it on a CNC table buy a plasma cutter only. Nothing that is high frequency or is multi process.

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