Hello a few things i learned in first couple cuts

  1. when u pause the cut program the torch does not fire automatically when resume is slecected.

  2. big difference between .55 and .055 check your numbers.

  3. cant cut detials smaller than the kerk

  4. good dry clean air is key.

  5. the floor will get wet

  6. Be ready to pull flip ups in cut path

  7. keep pierce length as short as possible

  8. be patient with yourself and the computer

  9. You can place the 0,0 anywhere u want on your table dont have to move sheet to get clean material in bottom corner.


Resume only works if you pause between cut loops. If you click on the drawing where you want to start, you will get the option to “run from loop” or “run from line”. Choose “run from line” and it will generate a new pierce point and start from the spot where you clicked.


Another thung learned. Thanks

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What is are these ‘flip up’ you speak of?

When things get cut out, they can tip up instead of falling into the water table. It all depends on where the cut part is located on the slats. If they tip up, the Torch can collide with them and drag the metal out of position.


Always make sure that at your 0,0 location there’s enough table left for the cut you’re doing.

I usually do a quick jog to the extents of the parts just to be sure. Zero out where you want then move until the cross hairs are at the far corner of the part, then you can just tell it to go back to 0,0 (or not, it’ll figure it out)

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When post processing sometimes changing the cut order can greatly reduce the possibility of tip up issues. Its dead easy in Sheetcam, not sure bout F360.