Having trouble with THC

So I’m having trouble with the THC driver on my crossfire pro. Please be easy on me I have zero experience with cnc plasma cutting. I have searched through the forums but I’m not finding the answer to this particular problem.
What’s happening is whenever turn the plasma table and computer off when I go to turn it back on I get the message that the usb device isn’t recognized. I then go and manually install the driver and it starts working again. Am I doing something wrong here? Hopefully it’s something simple that I’m just not understanding . Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Oh and im running windows 10 pro.

This description sounds like it might be a Windows setting that isn’t keeping your driver’s loaded?

Very odd.

This appears to be a common problem with windows and USB.
I found 3 sites (among many) on the web that might help.
No guarantees that any will work though.
I hope that one will work for you.

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